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Best of Night Owl Cards

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December 2019

1. The top 20 cards of the decade
2. Hoping for a Christmas miracle
3. I was wrong
4. Saying goodbye to Brooklyn
5. Biggest. Order. Ever.
6. A major minor deal
7. That's the way (I like it)
8. Cardboard Appreciation: 2008 Topps Stadium Club Justin Upton (yes, I finally completed the damn thing)
9. My comment on comments
10. Stepping through the minefield of high numbers

November 2019

1. Tis the season
2. Giving thanks for bloggers
3. Brush with greatness: Bobby Valentine
4. Sorting rules
5. Brush with greatness: John Wockenfuss and the power of baseball cards
6. Mind explosion: a different way to sort
7. Nobody knows what a subset is anymore
8. Full name please 

October 2019

1. Howling at the moon
2. Looking at cards with Johnny B.
3. Prepping for the World Series
4. Not done with baseball but so done with 2019 baseball cards
5. Completing the pioneer of confusing sets
6. In tune with toons
7. The last great decade
8. More to the story
9. Time and money
10. The best of Score

September 2019

1. Meeting another collector
2. The one-that-got-away team
3. The sanctuary
4. Overrated
5. Working for a living

August 2019

1. It's not right but it's OK
2. The continuing horror of buybacks
3. My self-promotion needs work
4. Do I care about variations? It varies
5. Best set of the year: 1992
6. '56 of the month: Ted Williams

July 2019

1. Card room mega upgrade
2. While you were summering
3. Move on, haters
4. The king of logos
5. Respect for '74
6. My favorite things
7. Canadian-style cards

June 2019

1. More fun (and not so much fun) with Stadium Club
2. A picture is worth a thousand fonts
3. You could have knocked me over with a penguin feather
4. Orphaned
5, My decade design votes
6. Reconnecting
7. Musical chairs 2

May 2019

1. Happy little moment
2. It's the wood that makes it good
3. Cleaning up
4. Total cards vs. games played
5. Cardboard confirmation

April 2019

1. C.A.: 1981 Fleer Tim Flannery
2. The year I became a bad team collector
3. Chew on this
4. A card show inside and out (card show report, part 2)
5. Let's start at the ending (card show report, part 1)
6. Won't get fooled again

March 2019

1. That season
2. More to the picture(s)
3. Picture this
4. The best design year of all-time
5. The underrated joy of upgrading
6. How Upper Deck did the '70s
7. Go, girl
8. The fine print
9. Gray days

February 2019

1. Want list vs. have list
2. Weird weather pack
3. Heritage just gets meaner and meaner
4. I deserve to complete a set
5. Death and dying
6. Kindergarten cards
7. Not hot
8. Ten years of evaluating flagship
9. But that design

January 2019

1. Maybe Topps should change its flagship release date
2. My first experience as a magazine writer
3. I am published, magazine version
4. Thinking exercise
5. A double stack from 50 years back
6. Blogging ain't dead ... I have the numbers
7. Burnin' your retinas in 2019
8. Let's start from the beginning
9. It's rainin' all over the world

December 2018

1. 2018: The best, the worst, the ... I don't feel qualified to write this
2. One, solitary, wonderful card
3. The end of one of the most exciting Dodger eras of my lifetime
4. A real, live flea market with cards
5. Not every 1980s countdown is the same
6. C.A.: 1993 Upper Deck Pat Mahomes
7. Forgotten
8. Ugly \'əg-lē\
9. '56 of the month: Bobby Shantz

November 2018

1. The sun always shines on baseball cards
2. The reminiscence bump and baseball cards
3. Cards I got for Black Friday and a shift in collecting focus
4. All the fixings
5. C.A.: 1983 Fleer Salome Barojas
6. My least favorite stunt of the '90s
7. Gettin' through high school
8. Journey to the center of the most '90s card set ever made
9. Red

October 2018

1. A break for Update
2. Dollar store cards, myth vs. fact
3. Et tu, 1989 Fleer?
4. The 10 worst Brewers cards in my collection
5. Deals! Deals! Deals!
6. C.A.: 1978 Topps Bucky "*@!&%#" Dent

September 2018

1. Men of action
2. Hunting for errors
3. 2009
4. Let me stand next to your fire
5. A decade
6. F-yeah
7. Hot

August 2018

1. We've had some good times, football
2. Luv ya blue
3. Missing
4. The closer I get, the farther I am
5. Archival footage
6. Piece by piece
7. Looking at legends
8. That's good readin'

July 2018

1. Ten years of being an Allen & Ginter fan
2. The Mets and Yankees are my childhood
3. 🌟Still excited🌟
4. My day, my way
5. Buzz kill

June 2018

1. I wanna rock
2. Almost done
3. The good in Twitter
4. Stuck in traffic with Series 2
5. Put coach in, Topps
6. This never happens anymore
7. When baseball cards said what they meant

May 2018

1. So long, Rite-Aid
2. Best set of the year: 1991
3. Mom and Yaz, Part 2
4. Register one is open, no waiting
5. Haunted when the minutes drag
6. West Coast to the rescue

April 2018

March 2018

1. March is dead and I'm still alive
2. Sticking my nose in other baseball collectors' business
3. Assume the position ... means nothing
4. C.A.: 1957 Topps Clem Labine
5. We almost-seniors need to look out for each other
6. Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio cards?
7. A tribute to the first 'ancient' set I ever knew (a 2018 Heritage post)

February 2018

1. C.A.: 2003 Upper Deck First Pitch A.J. Hinch
2. The most error-filled card back ever
3. The last hurrah
4. The all-presidential name team (Dodger version)
5. No love for '88
6. The amusing monster screwdown case
7. The five stages of opening 2018 Topps 

January 2018

1. A hit to my collecting core
2. Ranking 73ness, a double shot
3. For the nonsporty types
4. Wrong White
5. C.A.: McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Jordyn Wieber 
6. How will Topps manage this?
7. A rookie set that made sense
8. 200 and counting ... and evaluating

December 2017

1. 2017: The best, the worst, the ... let's get this over with before I run out of words
2. Scammed
3. Schmidt happens
4. G.O.A.T., the '70s: epilogue
5. G.O.A.T., the '70s, 10-1
6. Baseball name synchronicity
7. G.O.A.T., the '70s, 20-11

November 2017

1. Minor league cards are better
2. Internet good, internet bad
3. G.O.A.T., the '70s, 29-21
4. The "ugly" duckling of the golden era of Kellogg's cards
5. G.O.A.T., the '70s, 40-30
6. The cup club
7. G.O.A.T., the '70s, 50-41

October 2017

1. Call it what it is
2. G.O.A.T., the '70s, 60-51
3. I stole this from a hockey card blog
4. 10 reasons why it's great that the Dodgers are in the World Series in 2017
5. C.A.: 1982 Donruss Rick Cerone
6. G.O.A.T., the '70s, 70-61

September 2017

1. G.O.A.T, the '70s, 90-81
2. What are we going to do without Bob Lemke?
3. G.O.A.T, the '70s, 100-91
4. The good old days weren't that long ago
5. Everyone does not get a trophy
6. Extra innings
7. All the things you love/hate about Allen & Ginter in one tidy post

August 2017

1. Match the song title: The Joshua Tree
2. The truly underrated
3. C.A.: 2016 Topps Steve Johnson
4. Preparing for a world of pain
5. The best Dodger card for every year I collected
6. It only took 40 years
7. My rules for buying a Topps Now card
8. Saying goodbye to Kmart

July 2017

1. Why I quit
2. The thrift shop thrill is gone
3. Too distracted by my pull of the year
4. Go team!
5. Living among young people when you're old
6. One thing flagship is doing right
7. Legend of cardboard: Kirt Manwaring
8. The story of Moose and Goose
9. Ranking the All-Star designs
10. The Canada Day all-baseball hockey team

June 2017

1. A tribute to longevity
2. This ticks all the boxes
3. Bubbling over
4. Dad's favorite player
5. How little civilians know
6. The phantom catch
7. I'm getting too old for this @*%&#
8. Gappers
9. What am I waiting for?
10. Brighter than the sun

May 2017

1. Just the fax
2. Ranking 1973ness
3. What is going on with base rookie cards
4. They can't all be heroes
5. Eight things we don't do anymore
6. Thanks, mom, for not throwing out this card
7. Comics on baseball cards

April 2017

1. Nine-year-old me is standing and applauding
2. Nothing better
3. Nuts to this
4. It takes only one card to make a show a success
5. My favorite opening day lineup

March 2017

1. Blog bat-around: So difficult that I don't care
2. The day 1990 -- the whole damn year -- came to my door
3. Forcing the action
4. Cardboard appreciation: 1980 Topps 1979 Highlights Garry Templeton
5.  If it didn't happen on a baseball card did it make a sound?
6. Strange bedfellows
7. Card collecting for me will end in 2041
8. Sometimes only 1988 Donruss can fill a hole
9. Joy of a team set, chapter 10
10. Redeemed

 February 2017

1. I freeze at Chinese restaurant buffets, too
2. Cardboard appreciation: 1991 Score Rick Dempsey
3. A surprise inside
4. The helmet king
5. I'll take the vintage, please
6. The quintessential '70s ballplayer
7. Not my first rodeo

January 2017

1. Fernando the foodie
2. SSP: Super SP or Stupid SP?
3. Long may he Raines
4. My favorite mistakes
5. It was my lucky day
6. A kindred spirit unmet

December 2016

1. 2016: The best, the worst, the ... yes, I'm really making you relive this whole damn year
2. She tried 2
3. Everyone has a plan, until they get hit with a foot of snow
4. My favorite card of 2016 
5. My first Topps Now card
6. No reason to hang on to this card 

November 2016

1. Which Fan Favorites set was the best? 
2. Suckered anyway 
3. Border war
4. The least favored Fan Favorites
5. The most favored Fan Favorites
6. Here's the pitch 
7. Get out!!! 
8, Cardboard Appreciation: 1987 Topps Turn Back the Clock Maury Wills  
9. A meandering look at Game 7 and baseball cards 

October 2016

1. Joy of a team set, chapter 9 (World Series edition)
2. I have waited for this card for a long time 
3. Showstoppers
4. Cardboard Appreciation: 1998 Skybox E-X 2001 Cheap Seat Treats Mike Piazza 
5. One last pack 
6. Steppin' in a slide zone 
7. A very pleasant good life to you 

September 2016

1. Short story 
2. The power of the mustache 
3. Acquiring vs. admiring 
4. Something I haven't opened for a very long time
5. One man, one card 
6. Card bloggers are even nicer in person
7. Cars 
8. 1995 
9. What happens when you get out there

August 2016

1. Little league, big deal
2. Subliminal messages in '78 Topps 
3. When completing a set is not the biggest card news of the day 
4. They're real and they're unspectacular 
5. That's not my name 
6. I have low-grade Olympic fever
7. Overanalytical night owl
8. Possibly the last current flagship set I ever complete
9. One notable card short
10. So I can't just ignore this 
11. Still got it

July 2016

1. Toothy
2. Hold the phone
3. I'm a slob
4. A bad year for being a Dodgers team collector
5. Message from a hobby legend
6. The 20-year nostalgia cycle and card blogs
7. Letting my club membership run out 

June 2016

1. Terrible ideas
2. Definitions
3. For this collector who has everything
4. There's only time to open one pack
5. Not seeing red
6. One out of three ain't bad 

May 2016

1. The surprise show stunned me stupid
2. The most important cards of the day
3. The final chapter?
4. Hell is freezing over
5. 50 under .50 

April 2016

1. That's a conversation-starter 
2. (Keep feeling) fascination
3. Disoriented 
4. The Rusty Greer era 
5. The demise of handwriting
6. Play ball! (2016)

March 2016

1. A better blue 
2. Wacky lite 
3. How far we've come and how far we've fallen 
4. Collecting is a full-time job
5. 30 teams, 2016 edition 

February 2016

1. Putting buybacks in their place 
2. Match the song title: Pretenders 
3. Things you figure out when you decide you're not going to blog for the day
4. Nothing to spit at
5. The Donruss puzzle 
6. SSPC (Super Spectacular Perfect Cards) 
7. Start and finish 
8. Even year bull$#!&
9. Don't tell me no lies

January 2016

1. Thanks for the help
2. The best years to begin collecting
3. What's in my head
4. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
5. When I was watching cartoons
6. The big picture
7. No love for the commish
8. I think of him as a Dodger II
9. 2015: the best, the worst, the ... yeah, I'm late again

December 2015
1. Topps did all right in 2015
2. Time
3. My kind of woman
4. Night Owl's all-time Topps set countdown all in one place ... finally
5. There's no need to fear, Fleer and Donruss are here

November 2015

1. Why I love '70s cards and baseball so much
2. If I was a kid in 1956
3. My greatest collecting fear
4. What 868 Eric Karros cards from 1992 Upper Deck looks like
5. Resistance is futile
6. Wife cards
7. The unsettling part of O-Pee-Chee
8. Here's to a long life

October 2015

1. I met the Mets
2. Cameo overkill
3. Something new ... happy?
4. The joy of Eck
5. The cardinal sin of baseball photography
6. Taking a page (or entire binder) from someone else's post
7. This is all Al Kaline's fault
8. Be careful what you wish for, part 2
9. Biting the bullet
10. Trading card alchemy
11. Sucker for a pretty face

September 2015

1. When "old" stopped meaning "valuable" 
2. You've seen these before 
3. Collecting non-Dodger Dodgers
4. It's here!
5. Mantle-versary 
6. C.A.: 1982 Topps Traded Steve Stroughter 
7. The unsung laborer(s) of 1977 Topps

August 2015

1. The joy of brevity and the Oakland A's
2. "Rock Stars"
3. Nine-pocket power
4. Lost opportunity
5. So now I'm going to have to go to every antique show

6. I get older, the collection gets better

July 2015

1. Watching baseball to take my mind off ... baseball
2. The summer of Sandy
3. All-Star Week: birthday edition 
4. All-Star Week: HR Derby is a thing so this is a thing 
5. 10 awesomely airbrushed Dodgers 

June 2015

1. Guts and generosity
2. Awesome night card, pt. 238: the history of the All-Star Game trophy
3. Set of the year
4. A history of 1975 Topps tributes
5. This won't turn out well
6. Get to know me: Kellogg's cards
7. Uh, oh, I'm doing this
8. I hate this, thank you

May 2015

1. These didn't come from a card show, try to enjoy
2. The Jackie count
3. The all-face percentage team
4. Take me out to the ballgame

5. Library books
6. Spawn
7. Reruns
8. Joy of a team set, chapter 5
9. Life's too short 

April 2015

1. Collection-enhanced cardboard
2. Topps and Javier Baez sittin' in a tree ...
3. Here come the Yankees ...
4. Credit where credit is due 
5. Silly collector, cards are for kids  
6. ... THIS is the best part 
7. Well, hello there, Kmart
8. 'A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives'
9. Maybe we all belong in a nursing home
10. Finally, room for Jello
11. The end of team cards as we knew them
12. Play ball! (2015)

March 2015

1. Putting yourself out there 
2. Tired of being treated like a common criminal 
3. Now do you understand?
4. Ashamed
5. Ay
6. A cardboard tweener

February 2015

1. 30 teams, 2015 edition
2. Not-so-short rant on short prints
3. Completing the best Dodgers team set of all-time
4. Match the song title: Out of the Blue 
5. Road trip with 2015 Topps
6. Easily forgotten 

January 2015

1. A stack is a stack no matter how thin the cardboard stock
2. Don't just sit there
3. There is only one Boog Powell
4. C.A.: 1971 Topps Ernie Banks
5. The coral snake effect 
6. More obsessive color grouping and ranking
7. 40 years ago I found my life's work 
8. The readers

December 2014

1. 2014: the best, the worst, the ... is this thing on?
2. Christmas bells
3. In da club
4. Minnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(this is me running around the house)iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Turn to your right Mr. Carlton
6. Words I never use
7. Sy 
8. Baseball anachronisms are dead
9. Awesome night card, pt. 227: consistently great
10. Stats on the back
11. A man collecting a boy's game
12. Legends of cardboard: Jim Roland

November 2014

1. The games 1970s card collectors play
2. Blank space
3. Mystery

4. Tony was right
5. What's that you got on your head?
6. Those elusive '66s
7. The box
8. Seeing double
9. Rookie cards in the dugout

October 2014

1. Six, six, six
2. I know someone who works at Topps
3. That year was next year
4. I shouldn't be buying new stuff anymore
5. Cards for a baseball-less day
6. If I were king of the postseason, 2014 edition

September 2014

1. See ya, Paulie
2. In the news
3. Lawless
4. Six degrees of separation
5. I'm a man, yes I am, and I can't help but love you so
6. C.A.: 1978 Topps Gil Flores
7. My irrational hatred for a completely innocent baseball card set

8. How the world has changed, wrapper edition

August 2014

1. Chrome has intimacy issues
2. My frustration in list form
3. The star treatment

4. The last hurrah
5. Open up, it's the police ... cards!
6. Thanks, kid

July 2014

1. The end of cool
2. Still some life left in this little card show
3. It amused me, so I bought it
4. Doubling up
5. When cards were for kids
6. Some more semi-cranky observations on 2014 Allen & Ginter
7. Star struck
8. July 12, 1979
9. Allen and Ginter, forward and back
10. The squeaky wheel gets the sheets
11. Not that there's anything wrong with this

June 2014

1. Them's the rules
2. The history of flight
3. The spice of life
4. C.A.: 1982 Fleer Shooty Babitt
5. That is so old

6. Doors closing everywhere

7. You want to go back to 1980, let's go back to 1980

May 2014

1. Were cards that lousy 7 years ago?
2. Awesome night card, pt. 215
3. Curb appeal
4. Like taking candy from a baby
5. Why I don't talk cards with my mother
6. On-card vs. sticker
7. Found money

April 2014

1. A card collector's 40th anniversary
2. What Panini needs to do

3. I don't want to play
4. Sometimes I'm a numbers guy
5. Do wop diddy wop diddy wop doo
6. In and out

March 2014

1. Play ball! (2014)
2. Good things come to those who whine, part 1
3. Where the hell is Heritage?
4. You don't know me at all
5. Donruss ... if you're into that kind of thing
6. Fun with triple digits
7. Boring old success
8. Suckered
9. 30 teams, 2014 edition
10. We all have our mini-card hang-ups

 February 2014

1. The decline of baseball cards in a single pack
2. Rejoice! The mini card page is near
3. 10 things repacks offer that 2014 whatever doesn't
4. Uninspired
5. When Dave Fleming was going to make us all rich
6. My biggest card show blunder
7. The unwelcome return of the future star(s)
8. Bad influence

January 2014

1. Why I buy cards I don't think I'll enjoy
2. The pipeline
3. Two-for-2
4. Forget about the price tag
5. Glowing reviews
6. The first thing that comes to mind
7. Turn back the clock, Topps
8. Where the action is
9. Is this dumb or am I just confused?
10. Below

December 2013

1. 2013: The best, the worst, the whatever
2. Color my world
3. Updating before Update
4. Collecting cards of retired players means never having to say you're sorry
5. These cards apparently took a bullet for my collection

November 2013

1. If you can't join 'em, count 'em
2. All new ...
3. The card after
4. Dressing like a varsity team
5. When the world is running down ...
6. A reason to eat my Wheaties
7. Sure, I remember
8. The pull of the pull
9. A pack break from split-personality Night Owl
10. Yesterday's news

October 2013

1. My favorite Twins
2. The alternate world of baseball card cartoons
3. This just happened
4. 25 years ago
5. No sleep til Geddes
6. Right now, Topps is just a one-night stand
7. Everybody is a star
8. Sads

September 2013

1. Goodbye A-Rod, hello cards I want
2. The birthday that almost wasn't
3. C.A.: 1977 Topps Dennis Eckersley
4. Finding a Clark of my own
5. Changing positions
6. The single most difficult person to obtain on a baseball card
7. High five
8. The importance of green grass
9. No, I am not ready for some football, thanks for asking
10. Sorting and storage (I am not a pack rat!)

August 2013

1. My pathetic LCS recollection
2. First time for everything
3. 1979
4. Platinum has lost its meaning
5. Just because
6. Ginter, yo
7. Looking ahead to what I'm not going to complete
8. From grand to bland

July 2013

1. No, Canada
2. Halfway between Alpha and Omega
3. Time for another edition of why did I buy this?
4. Hands up
5. The ballad of cross-country Tommy and other PWE tales
6. No. 2 again

June 2013

1. How it must've been
2. What can I say about Series 2?
3. Dodgers and Yankees don't mix
4. Banished
5. Don't call it a comeback
6. Your loss, Allen & Ginter
7. Restraint
8. On this date
9. Archived and forgotten
10. One-dimensional player

May 2013

1. I need a beer
2. Things that keep me up all morning
3. Stars and stripes and cards forever
4. Us vs. Them
5. Everyone changes
6. You didn't have to be so nice
7. Team MVPs: 1988 Topps
8. Not impressed
9. Match the song title: Whipped Cream & Other Delights
10. Beyond amazed
11. When the back cover meant "the end"

April 2013

1. It's gotta be the shoes
2. Some nonsense about a repack
3. Hey there, Boston, you're all right with me
4. Management material
5. Too many interests
6. The best of 2013, so far
7. The year of the airbrush
8. Beauty and the beast
9. Making omelettes for girls
10. Managers are people, too
11. Play ball! (2013)

March 2013

1. The new Fritsch catalog is here! The new Fritsch catalog is here!
2. Hey, neighbor
3. He's No. 1
4. Minnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiii triology, part 2
5. I talk a good game
6. The golden age of all-star cards countdown: 5-1
7. Feelin' a little guilty
8. The 'Hotel Californias' of the card world
9. The fall and rise of the PWE
10. I like 'em shiny, I like 'em moldy, but mostly I like 'em free
11. Upgrade? Yes or no?
12. Against my better judgment
13. 30 teams, 2013 edition

February 2013

1. For the sake of organization: the '75 mini page quest
2. The dreaded ebay 1/1
3. It was worth it
4. Parallel-o-grams
5. Erasing history ... and some cartoons
6. State of gray
7. The way things used to be

January 2013

1. Card show buzzes don't last as long as they once did
2. Max's double card package go boom
3. Why I don't care that 2013 Topps comes out this week
4. Match the song title: 1984
5. Called out again
6. Match the song title: El Camino
7. Yeah, I'm a sportswriter ... and I'd vote for Bonds
8. The death of an innovator and an irritant
9. Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh! Domino!
10. The truth about minis
11. Stickers and the Series
12. The year of vintage

December 2012

1. The great, big, New Year's Eve 2012 blowout blogtacular
2. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 10-1
3. Seasons greetings, from 1984 Donruss
4. Tennis, everyone
5. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 20-11
6. The easiest time I've ever had completing a set
7. My kind of town (but not my kind of set)
8. When good autographs go bad
9. The bittersweet demise of a disgusting habit
10. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 30-21
11. Sketchy

November 2012

1. Despite what you see here, I'm still mad at Topps
2. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 40-31
3. A mini miracle
4. Things I missed the first time
5. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 50-41
6. The decline of headline writing on baseball cards
7. Cardboard Appreciation: 1977 Hostess Dave Lopes
8. The 38-star club
9. Walgreen's isn't as lame as I thought
10. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 60-51
11. No time
12. I miss magazines

October 2012

1. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 70-61
2. An anniversary ... with cards, of course
3. That turned out better than I thought it would, part 1
4. Cardboard Appreciation: 2012 Topps Veteran Masters
5. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 80-71
6. Deja, deja, deja, deja vu
7. "F" is for filler
8. Thinking pink
9. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 90-81
10. If I was king of the postseason, 2012 edition
11. Memorable
12. What short-print? I don't see a short-print
13. The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 100-91

September 2012

1. Blogging ain't easy
2. A card blogger leaves this earth
3. The last relics you'll ever see here
4. Faith, trust and scraps of cloth
5. Black & white & annoyed all over
6. Are we all sick of Heritage?
7. When staples held the pages together
8. Some holiday wacky

August 2012

1. Stay tuned to this station
2. They can put a man on the moon, but they can't put the right face on a baseball card
3. Popular topics: playing for the enemy
4. The reluctant guru speaks
5. When men were men, cards were cards, and food was ... uh, something
6. This. Is. Awesome
7. Fake
8. I'm just not that into you
9. The things I do for card shops
10. Great acts of left-handedness
11. Stick figures
12. Isn't it obvious?

July 2012

1. The most I've ever spent on a single card ... it happened Saturday
2. Ow, my eyes
3. It could be worse
4. Interesting to me
5. Vinyl days
6. Follicle freedom
7. Maybe the special interest groups of have gotten to Ginter
8. Cardboard appreciation: 1993 Topps Spike Owen
9. Cardboard appreciation: 2011 Topps Oakland Athletics
10. Team MVPs, 1991 Topps

June 2012
1. I received good news today
2. Hi, I'm Night Owl and I'm a snob
3. Red jerseys expos'd
4. I love my west coast connections
5. Add this card to your collection, don't add this card to your collection, I don't care
6. Just a reminder of what dads can do
7. The root beer kid
8. If every blogger jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?
9. How my world revolves around baseball
10. Lost in translation

May 2012
1. 23
2. You can't tell me this wasn't done on purpose
3. A little bit off
4. The last beloved set of the masses
5. Why I write
6. I love it when a plan comes together

April 2012

February 2012

January 2012

August 2011

July 2011
1. A binder is a beautiful thing

June 2011

April 2011
1. The parallel meter
2. Tourism at home
3. Cardboard appreciation: 1989 Topps Tim ... er, Rock Raines
4. I'd call that a bargain
5. Didn't have a clue
6. Kick her to the curb?
7. Breaking through the '71 Topps wall
8. What you can find at a card show
9. Where have you gone Mickey?
10. My new card corner
11. The best rookie card ever

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4. Wow

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1. Success

June 2009

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11. The blob

April 2009
2. Mask

March 2009
6. 11 days

February 2009
7. 7 days

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5. Yellow

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G.O.A.T, the '80s: 30-21

  I often call this current period of the television sports calendar the black hole of sports programming. The time between the end of the Super Bowl and the beginning of televised Spring Training baseball games is an empty void when I'm looking for something to watch on traditional television. I don't watch the NBA and the NHL on TV holds my interest for maybe a period. College basketball I can't watch until the tournament. This didn't used to be as much of a problem back when I could turn instead to my favorite sitcoms in February. Do you remember when February was "sweeps month"? (Maybe it still is, I don't know). Networks would make sure that every top show aired original episodes that month, no reruns. So you'd always have something to view during the week even when the sports scene was boring. (I know, people have multiple streaming viewing options now. But I find myself going weeks sometimes before I see something I want to view on Netflix or Am

The return of COMC and a ridiculous collecting quest

  For the first time in exactly a year, I received a shipment of cards from COMC last week. I wouldn't say COMC is truly back back. I did pay extra for the express shipping so I wouldn't have to wait however long we're waiting for COMC shipments these days. But the cards arrived in short fashion and it was nice to see something in the mailbox from my preferred online card site for over a decade until last year. I had waited a year to order what was in my cart. I didn't want to be one of those people who paid and then waited nine months for shipment. I mean, what if I ordered them and COMC went under? Those were the kind of questions that were floating in my head last year.   That meant that I did lose a couple of items out of my cart, but no big deal. Nothing in there was anything highly sought-after and I merely replaced whatever I lost with a new version or something else I liked. Many of my collecting interests are not high on anyone's radar, especially 2020 fli

Say hey, you guys

  One of the most significant cards in my collecting history arrived at my door today. The 1956 Topps Willie Mays card ties my formative collecting days to my current collecting existence, confirms what I believe in in this hobby, and realizes dreams from long ago I never thought possible. It also sets a couple of personal records. It is the most I've ever spent on a single card. Yet it didn't hurt my wallet nor cause any regret. In terms of a cardboard acquisition it is about as perfect as it gets. No guilt. All power and beauty. It removes a considerable road block in my quest to complete the 1956 Topps set. It was one of the Big Three that I fretted over for years. "How would I ever obtain that card?" And now it's here. I don't have to remind you that baseball legends from the 1950s (and '60s and '70s) are departing at a rapid pace. That wasn't a top consideration in landing this card. But with Willie's age (he will be 90 in May) and the way