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2014: the best, the worst, the ... is this thing on?

Lucky for you, a snowstorm cut my vacation short. I was supposed to be away for one more day and because of that I was pretty certain my traditional New Year's Eve extravaganza would a mere vaganza. What did it matter? No one has read a card blog since August anyway. But a sudden lake-effect snowstorm (is there any other kind?) forced me to speed home a day early and here I am watching it pile up outside right now. So, as curious as I am to see what a vaganza would look like, I am now able to supply the full effects of an end-of-the-year card extra vaganza. As I've said before, you will see no detailed list of "goals" on this blog. My goals all fall under the following heading: DO BETTER. There's my goal. No, like last year, this is an accounting of the best and the worst of the past year as seen by me. 2014 wasn't too bad of a year, not great but not terrible either. It deserves a proper send-off. So, here you are, 2014. We're shipping you off: