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Back of the book

  I shelled out for an off-condition card of the interestingly named John O'Rear to get me within one of completing the 1980 TCMA Albuquerque Dukes set that I have loved since I was a young teen. I'm in a bit of card buying freeze right now but I'm fortunate in that my tastes aren't that expensive. All that's left to finish the set is Don Crow. Yeah, not Scioscia or Stewart. Don Crow. But that doesn't matter for this post. Neither Crow nor O'Rear were in the back of the book that I cared about when it came to upcoming Dodgers prospects. Before Bowman became a prospects thing, I figured out who the hot prospects were in the Dodgers' organization by turning to the back pages of the team yearbook that I had ordered. Here is the first prospects page in the first Dodgers yearbook I ever bought, the 1977 issue. Here are the next two pages. In my mind back then, those were all of the Dodgers prospects. And I wanted all of them to make the major leagues and kick
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  I am fortunate to have received many compliments on this blog, whether in the comments, in emails, in card packages, whatever.   I tell myself I don't need them, but it's obvious that I do. And when someone dares to give me an "uncompliment," I go and throw a 1,000-word snit fit on the blog. You all saw it. Not very mature of me. The best compliment, as I've often heard, is paying attention. This blog has got that covered and it should be all I need. But recently I've needed more than that, and I got it ... all the way from China. Yeah, I can live a few months off of that. I know that this blog means more to people than what I see it as: an outlet. But sometimes it's that reminder from half way around the world that wakes you up again. The person who sent that email is a collector. He works in a school in China. He orders cards, then opens them up once a year when he returns to the U.S. God bless him, that's cardboard dedication. I've mailed card

Who finds this stuff?

  Since today is a day off that, at least for most of my life, was set aside to recognize the discovery of something that had already been discovered, it goes nicely with my recent discoveries in 1989 Topps.   This is all stuff that has already been unearthed by someone else. Long ago. And it's common knowledge for a lot of collectors, probably most of whom were kids at the time.   But although I opened so many packs of 1989 Topps, a trip or two every week to the drug store to buy a pack or two or three or six, I missed all of these discoveries. I'm just not the exploring type, I guess. Or the observant type. Maybe it was all the beer that year. I don't know.   Stan Jefferson's card has a pink-and-violet triangle at the bottom left corner of his card. Huh. Didn't know that in 1989.   He also has just a violet triangle on his card in the bottom left corner (or maybe this is the pink-and-violet version and the one above is the pink version -- this stuff can get confus

Old man shows cards

  This post is going to meander a bit, but it's been a long time since a comment on my blog affected me like this.   I can't remember the last time someone had a meltdown in the comments about something I wrote -- maybe that MLB scout that one time when I dared to say I didn't want cards of scouts? -- but it doesn't happen very often.   In a single comment I was called "old," a "whiner" (twice!), a "complainer" and "childish." I don't know why someone can't just simply stop reading. It's the first time that someone actually announced that they were going to stop reading my blog.   I've gotten the "you complain too much" complaint before (it's interesting when people complain about complainers, which is what I'm doing here, too). I usually dismiss it. More often, when I go off on a rant, I then receive comments about how amused they are about it, and that it's when I'm at my best, and that

If I were king of the postseason, 2021 edition

    The 2021 postseason is weird already. I never expected to see Juan Soto sitting in the stands rooting for my team last night. But that's a good sign, right? I'm seeing them everywhere. Not only did the Dodgers advance in classic last-minute, late-night style, but two distasteful teams, the Yankees and Cardinals, have been banished within the first two days. Hallelujah! I don't have to view Brett Gardner or Yadier Molina for any more games!   Still, there's plenty of ugly out there. It is the playoffs after all.   So this is where I sort it all out, reviewing each potential World Series matchup -- there are 16 of them -- to see which team I want to win from each. I'm sure you know how this goes, I've done it for a bunch of years already (in what seems to be a recent fall 2021 trend, this post will be massively ignored even though previous versions were abundantly viewed. It's like blogging in the forest lately. Am I making a sound?)   This is my blog vers