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Back to the original

  I finished my 2023 Topps Heritage High Numbers Dodgers team set when the last three cards arrived Thursday and Friday.   They're all horizontals, in keeping with the 1974 Topps theme, although I think '23 Heritage went a little bit overboard with them.     Just one of the players is currently with the Dodgers now as Busch was traded to Tampa Bay and  Hernandez is supposed to be joining another team soon.   The Hernandez card is a short-print but it didn't cost me much, barely over a buck.   It's also a card that "rights a wrong" if you're into the editorial sanctity of photos (which Topps definitely is not -- lots of evidence over the decades on that).  The Hernandez card probably looks familiar to some collectors, most probably Red Sox collectors, who first came across the image in the 2021 Topps flagship set. It's another great photo on a Kiké Hernandez card. This was one of the better cards in the 2021 set. In fact, Diamond Jesters named it his gr
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Too much of a good thing

  Yesterday while shopping for furniture I knew that this would be my chance to finally get to Target to see if the 2024 cards were there. I had checked for cards once before last week during a quick spin through Walmart. The area where the cards were was being replaced by Easter baskets and decorations for sale. The new card station was vacant except for some fantasy something or other. So I don't know what's going on at the Walmart nearest me but it doesn't matter because Target's got cards! Look, 2024 Topps has its own separate display of jumbo packs! I don't think I've seen that stand-alone display for cards since I was trolling for cards 2006-08 in Walmart. They used to have them in the main aisle in individual kiosks along with the other kiosks for hair care products and batteries and acid relief. It makes it look like Target's treating the hobby seriously again rather than let the card shelf deteriorate in disarray. I guess it wasn't inviting enou