Friday, May 27, 2011

Another tremendous Jackie

I'll keep this short. It's been a long week, I'm not pleased about some things, and I don't want to risk accidentally straying into vintage cards and inadvertently offend someone by my critique of their condition.

I received this lovely item from Smed. It was slipped amid the bounty sent my way in his fit of spring cleaning. I appreciate the gesture more than I can say.

Most people on ebay call this a bat relic. Smed called it a bat relic, too. It probably is a bat relic. Of course, the back of the card doesn't call it anything.

It's merely termed a "Certified Relic Card of Jackie Robinson." To me, since the relic seems to be wooden in nature, that reference, as it is worded, implies that Jackie had a wooden leg, since the relic is "of Jackie Robinson."

I have to say I have never read any reference of Mr. Robinson having a wooden leg in all my readings about him.

Yes, I know I'm being silly, but humor me for a second. Since a bat is not "of Jackie Robinson," then that leaves it open to just about anything. It could be a bat. It could also be a piece of table or locker or shelf or stadium seat or anything made out of wood that Robinson happened to walk past during any point in which he lived here on this earth. The text on the back is THAT vague.

Now, don't accuse me of not appreciating this card.

I am grateful for every last card that I have.

I love this card with all my might.

It will not leave my collection.

I just wish things could be a little more clear. That's all.

But that's a small thing.

Great card.

Tremendous card.

Wonderful of Smed to think of me and send it to me.

That is the important part.

I will cherish it forever.

It's fantastic.

This hobby is terrific.

I love cards.

All of them.

Did I mention how cool it is?

Did I mention how great Smed was to send it?

Am I clear?

Clearer than Topps?



  1. That Smed is one cool, generous dude. That's very clear. Nice card.

  2. Nice one! Seat from Ebbets Field? Wood from his locker? Can't complain either way.

  3. Awesome card, even if it is of a Dodger!

  4. I'm going with the wooden leg theory.

  5. I just got a Frank Robinson "relic" with the same vague wording. It's bright red fabric but seems too thin to be a jersey. I'm thinking it's a piece of his stockings but from what team and when?