Monday, July 30, 2012

The most I've ever spent on a single card ... it happened Saturday

(Disclaimer: I swear I had this post written and scheduled to publish a full five hours before Fuji's latest question. This was MY IDEA, you hear?)

While I was on vacation last week, I went to a card show. It's the one in lakeside Clayton that I go to every summer. I grabbed this 1970 League Leaders card because I thought I needed it. But already had it. I acquired it from a blogger not long ago. Stupid brain.

But except for surprises like that, I know what I'm getting at this show for the most part. There are always a couple of dealers there that I know quite well. Sometimes new people pop up, but they're not always there. Last weekend, it was just the old reliables. And that's fine with me.

This show will have to serve as my National because I won't be in Baltimore this week. Something about work and family commitments and money. My boss, relatives and wallet are not very understanding about my hobby. But that's fine with me, too, because of the card I picked up at the Clayton show.

It's a card that I really had no idea whether I'd ever acquire. And even if I did acquire it, who knows what the condition would be?

So that is why I am very pleased with what I was able to land.

It cost quite a bit.

But it's totally worth it.



That is one fantastic collection of paper molecules.

This 1956 card of Duke Snider is the most I have ever spent for a single card.

However, I don't feel guilty about it at all because every cent of the cash was birthday money. Mine for spending however I wish. I wished for a spiffy '56 Snider and, lo, my wish came true!

You'll notice that it's in fabulous shape. Relatively sharp corners, relatively clean borders. A little off-center, but who cares?

I know that a lot of the blogosphere prides itself on getting deals on cards like this. Off-condition cards for a nice price. The bargain is the thing.

I like a good bargain, too. But sometimes you've got to live a little and say, "Hey dudes! Look what I got!!!"

I obtained this card from a dealer that I see all the time. But this is the only show where I buy stuff from him. I saw the card under the glass, asked him how much, and didn't bat an eye when I heard the price.

He lifted the glass, picked up the card -- took it out of its top-loader -- and simply handed it me.

I loved that.

I told him I wanted to look around a little bit, but that I'd be back.

I was back in 5 minutes.


For 80 bucks.

Getting all of the Dodgers in the 1956 set is not easy. I still need Campanella and Robinson and Koufax and Reese, etc.,etc. And there's no way I'm doing the same thing for those that I did for Snider.

And I don't even want to think about the fact that I'm also trying to complete the '56 set, which means I need TWO Campanellas and Sniders and Robinsons and Koufaxes and Reeses.

Yeah, let's not think about that.

Let's just think about the fantastic Snider card.

By the way, this serves as my '56 of the Month post. I think it serves for at least the next five '56 of the Month posts.

More on what I got at the show in the next post. Sorry, but it won't be nearly as exciting.


  1. The Snob approves. Barely noticed it being O/C, but for 1956, that's pretty darn good. Enjoy it.

  2. I was showing my son some 1956s yesterday and told him they were my favorites. A 1956 Gil MacDougal was my first old card.

    My son recognizes the 1956s from Topps Archives.

  3. While I love me some bargain vintage, I'm always up for viewing some better-conditioned oldies, like your brand new card of "The Duke". Truly beautiful.

    Excellent find!

  4. Great card! Great condition! Great price!

  5. Nice to see the Clayton show is still going on. I used to attend it every year when I was living in the area.

    I probably wouldn't have pulled the trigger for that card...but I already have a pretty good-looking Snider that I for with three other cards (including Whitey Ford) for $20.

    That said, you're a fan of the player and the team, and you used "found money" to pay for it. That's awesome.

  6. my birthday is january 31.

    just sayin'.

  7. Solid work, my man. As for the rest of the '56 Dodgers, you can do eet!

  8. Nice pick up. I love that the bat boy made it onto the card too.

  9. Congratulations... the excitement in your post reminds me of when I finally purchased my 56 Robinson. Best of luck on the rest of your set.