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Card back backdrops

  This is the wallpaper for our desktop computer at home. I still use this computer a lot for blogging, even though it's ancient and could die any day. But my wife chooses the wallpaper. It's usually a holiday theme that goes with the decor in the room where the computer resides. But ever since the Bills' season, it's been the Bills logo superimposed on Bills Stadium with a red filter. My computer at work also features sports wallpaper. It's an overhead shot of Mookie Betts connecting on a pitch during the Dodgers' wild card series with the Brewers last fall. My laptop doesn't feature a sports backdrop. Instead, the wallpaper is of sweat-soaked Swedish singer Maria Andersson during an Australian concert by the late pop-punk band Sahara Hotnights, circa 2003. My phone displays music wallpaper as well. Right now it's the cover for the Queensryche album "Empire," which just celebrated its 30th anniversary. Now, while all of the above is appropriat

We just did this

  Three years ago, capitalizing on rookie sensation Cody Bellinger's 2017 season, Topps decided to issue a Target-exclusive 30-card series of nothing but Bellinger highlights. Inserted into packs, your chances of completing that series was through going to Target many, many times or just being done with it and getting the whole thing on ebay. I did neither because that is very on-brand for me. And, therefore, I'm nowhere near finishing the 2018 Cody Bellinger highlight insert set. That's all I have. That may seem like a lot -- because it's basically the same card repeated over and over -- but it's just 12 of the cards. I have 18 others to go. Oh, and there are parallels: Black ones. And blue ones. So, of course, I haven't finished it in the last three years. It's not interesting enough for me to make the effort to complete it. I'm not a player collector, so the appeal of the same dude over and over, on the same design over and over, is lost on me. But si

Even more firsts

  Last week or so, one of those crowd-sourcing social media questions made the rounds of Twitter. I didn't answer it, but I did think about it because I had never thought about it before: "What was the first thing you bought after getting your first job?"   I don't know if the question-poser was referring to a first full-time job or just a first job, so I went with my first paying job. Outside of getting money for doing chores around the house, my first paying job was as a newspaper carrier.   I started that job in January of 1981 and I know the first thing I bought, once that week's earnings were dropped off for me in an envelope on the front porch, were the following 45s:   Yes, I still have them. I have just about all of the 45s that I bought back then and it's a lot -- stuff from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Hundreds. Given the way everything related to entertainment has skyrocketed in price, I should really check out what 45s are bringing in.   I

Not ready

  My good card buddy Angus sent me an email this morning letting me know that a card show is taking place this weekend an hour from me. This is a place where Angus and I have traveled for a show before. But as we're still in the middle of a pandemic, he can't cross the border to get to the show and I'm not comfortable yet going to one. It's encouraging to see New York State opening up enough to hold events like this. The state where I live has been much stricter about this than other states, and while it's made a lot of people furious, I've been OK with it. I've never been a crowd person anyway. The thought of being in a crowd -- even a masked-up, socially distanced one -- of collectors in the relatively confined space of a hotel convention room puts me a bit on edge. It's probably safe enough, but I think I'll wait for the summer or fall. I'll be fully vaccinated by then and much more comfortable. Also, the reports I've heard from other sho

C.A.: 1982 Fleer Rod Carew

(Here we are at another blog milestone at Night Owl Cards. This is the 300th Cardboard Appreciation post! I've been running this series since the first one dropped on Oct. 13, 2008 . They arrive much less frequently these days -- and they're a lot longer. But it's still going! I also think we're not too far off from voting for a new member of the Cardboard Appreciation Hall of Fame, so stay tuned for that. But now, it's time for Cardboard Appreciation!): I can't believe how long it took me to obtain this card. It's really my fault. I should have focused on finishing the 1982 Fleer set a long time ago. But I have known about the back story on the '82 Fleer Rod Carew card since the cards came out that year. It's a commonly told story now -- and has been referenced on the blogs many times -- but back then only the magazine rack would tell you. In the spring 1982 edition of Baseball Cards magazine, a segment near the beginning of the edition reviewed the