Monday, August 9, 2010

A jealous rage

Good evening.

I trust your weekend went well. From what I understand, it went very well.

Because if you weren't attending the National, making videos of the National, buying cards at the National, buying more cards at the National, buying MORE cards at the National, meeting people at the National, making a day trip to the National, buying MORE cards at the National, buying even MORE cards at the Nationalmeeting even MORE people at the National, then you were attending a card show, or getting cultured, or blogging at the ballpark.

You know what I was doing?


Every damn day! And I'm pissed.

I'm so pissed that I'm posting a trade and I don't even care who likes it and who doesn't! Arrgggghh! So there!!

I might even post a whole bunch of trades in one post even though I said I probably wouldn't do that anymore! That's right! Screw night owl and his stupid rules!! ... OK, forget that! I'm not doing that! I don't have enough time! Because of WORK!!! Bleeping, dastardly WORK!!!! Grrrrrr! Roar! Snarf!

So I'll just show a trade from Beardy!! The guy who went to the National! The guy who apparently doesn't have a car or a house or a dog or anything, because he spends all his cash on cards!!!! And then he ends up with my Matt Kemp relics! He always ends up with my Matt Kemp relics! I think he has a whole house full of them! Oh, wait, he doesn't have a house because he spends all his money on cards! But the Kemp thing still pisses me off! Even though he ends up sending them to me! So I guess he's a good guy! But he got to go to the National and I didn't! And it's a gray swatch! Grrrr! Stupid road uniforms! The Dodgers are 22-30 on the road!! Now I'm even more pissed!

Then he sends me these guys! Look! They mock me! Look at them in their Bo Jackson poses!!!!! They're not Bo Jackson!!! Not this year! Well, Ramirez can get injured like Bo Jackson! But stop doing that pose! Now! I said stop it! I'll send Bo after you!

Then I get this card! It's a "hello, you're old" card! I hate those! It tells me Andre Ethier was born in 1982!! I don't need to know that!!!!! I was a junior in high school in 1982!! I remember the J. Geils Band! Ethier doesn't remember the J. Geils Band! He doesn't remember Love Stinks! This card is making me not like Ethier as much because he doesn't know the J. Geils Band! Thanks a lot, Beardy!

What the hell is this?!! A card of Mike Piazza in a set full of rookies???!!! What the hell? Am I supposed to like this? I suppose it's an insert isn't it? Showing Mikey when he was a rookie as a Dodger?! How clever! We hate clever!!!!!! Actually, we like clever!!!! But not today!!!!! Clever stinks!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhh!

Oh, great!!!!!!! This is the Robinson shortprint from T206! The one where just his last name is on the back! Nothing else! Just a last name! And miles of grayness!! Prove it? No!!!! I'm not going to show the back!!!!!  Because it's boring!!!! Stupid back variations!!!!

Oh, no!!! Another Nomo!! And I have this one alread ... wait, I don't have this one! Rats! I suppose I should be all nice and grateful now! ... But I'm not going to be! Because I'm cranky and overworked and the Dodgers suck and the Yankees are in first place and ... arrrrrrggghhhh .... grrrrrrrr!!!!

(P.S.: I have two days off now. I'll be more pleasant from here on out).



  2. Poor Owl. I'm glad I didn't post then...all I did was go on a mini vacation to Kings Island/Hofbrauhaus/a Goettafest. Whoooops.

  3. I bet he does know J. Geils Band, but only because of the Wedding Singer movie. Adam Sandler movies are the only way for the younger kids to hear good music.

  4. Follow up comment - I, born in 1986, did not realize that J Geils was the band behind Love Stinks. I know Centerfold and Freeze Frame and that's about it.

  5. My heart grows cold
    my memory has just been sold
    my angel is the centerfold
    angel is the centerfold

  6. Somebody's about to get bipped! Or punched! Or ALL CAPS'ed!

  7. But how do you really feel Mr. Owl??