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The most Hall of Famers, update 7

The Dodgers are cleaning up, on the field and off, and I'm posting about yesterday's news. That's how I roll. I think you know by now. I had planned to run an updated "Most Hall of Famers" post once the 2017 class was announced during the winter. But I promptly forgot about it until the Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place yesterday. The last dozen or so years I have watched the induction ceremony religiously. But yesterday I missed most of it. I think it's because most of the players that I grew up with, who are eligible for voting, have been inducted already. The classes are now starting to move completely into '90s ballplayers, which doesn't interest me nearly as much. The lone exception yesterday, of course, was Tim Raines. I was a teenager when Raines reached the major leagues. I followed his career through the '80s. He was part of the stolen base generation of the '60s, '70s and '80s. So, in honor of Raines'