Sunday, March 15, 2009

To do list

1. Read the latest posts on my favorite card blogs -- all 125 of them.
2. Keep up-to-date on the latest goings-on with Razor, Panini, Donruss, even though I don't care about their cards in the least.

3. Find sheets and a binder for my 2009 Topps Series 1 cards.

4. Organize my Dodgers cards by year, brand, player, alphabetical order.

5. When finished, organize them again with all the Dodgers I obtained while I was organizing the previous time.

6. Sort cards for fellow bloggers/trade partners.
7. Prepare cards for trades going out.

8. Buy envelopes, boxes, packaging tape, mailing labels, markers, blue tape.

9. Check supply of penny sleeves, top loaders.
10. Update my want lists
11. Scan cards

12. Organize cards received in recent trades, giveaways.

13. Separate any night cards.

14. Organize the Topps cards received.

15. Decide whether to continue to keep the Topps cards separated from the rest of the brands ...

16. ... or to mix them all together.

17. Decide what card sets to chase in 2009 (Topps flagship, Allen & Ginter)
18. Decide what card sets to limit to random packs, trading for Dodgers (Heritage, Upper Deck)
19. Decide what card sets to ignore altogether -- but still accept the Dodgers (Spectrum)

20. Assemble recently acquired 2008 Topps Heritage cards into Heritage binder that may never be completed.

21. Decide whether to collect 1993 Upper Deck set. Organize cards from pile on a shelf into sheets, then into binder.

22. Decide whether to collect 1995 Topps set. Organize into sheets, then into binder.

23. For the love of God, finally buy some binders already.
24. Update want lists again

25. Don't forget to thank bloggers/trade partners via email or on Night Owl Cards. Thank you! Peace and love, peace and love. And I MEAN it.

26. Prepare future post ideas (wouldn't you like to know?)

27. Cross off ideas that I have posted already.

28. Update want lists. AGAIN.
29. Aimlessly wander through cards listed on eBay.
30. Salivate.
31. Check wallet.
32. Find something else to do.
33. Check hobby shop to see if they've finally gotten any '09 Heritage packs.
34. Check Target to see if they've finally gotten Heritage, Topps gray-backs, or Topps '09 blasters of ANY kind.
35. Check Wal-Mart to see if they've gotten anything at all.
36. Check Kmart as a desperate, last ditch, screw-all-of-you maneuver.

37. Remind yourself that even though this hobby keeps you hopping, you wouldn't have it any other way.



  1. Good stuff, and a list not all that unlike my own!

    I need a to get a binder for my Topps Series I and my Topps Series I (again) since I decided to get both the black bordered and white bordered set...

    I finally found a few loose packs of Topps Heritage at my local Target. Of course, the next day I was back in Target and they were all gone already.

  2. You've quite exhaustively laid out the life of a collector! This list looked very familiar to me. Best of luck!

  3. I am exhausted just thinking about it all . . .

  4. My Target decided to have Heritage boxes and '09 Topps throwbacks this weekend. I was just there 6 days earlier and they didn't have that stuff.

  5. Very helpful. I think I'll print this out, miniaturize, laminate, and carry it, as they say, on my person. Thank you.

  6. I've been working on #4 except insert Cubs for Dodgers. It's a full time job all by itself. I have two 800 ct. boxes full I need to sort and stick in pages. I'm already getting the headache.

  7. WOW ! I just got up and I'm tired already.All that work is hard on an old man like me.