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My patience has run out

I've been sitting on this post for awhile in anticipation of something arriving in the mail. It hasn't arrived yet, it's usually here by now, but I'll get to that later.

The point is I'm sick of waiting, so this is the post.

It's actually worked out in a way because the delay has helped me add some 1970 Topps cards to this post that just arrived from mr haverkamp. He was digging around for some stuff at a card show and came across a few high-number needs of mine!

There's that rascal Jose Pagan, always residing in the high numbers, making things difficult. Pretty pleased I don't have to chase this one down.

Don Money's a great name from my childhood, I loved pulling his cards (although I remember him exclusively as a Milwaukee Brewer). This '70s version is well-worn and miscut but that monster rookie trophy helps balance things off nicely.

Here's a grinning Bob Johnson. Generic name, generic playing position. At least his hat isn't airbrushed like on his '69 card.

So those are three super-fine high numbers for the set and I received another card in the envelope that is nothing like the others.

It has been a long, long, loooooong time since someone has found a card of my Nebulous 9, although somebody is supposed to be sending me a card soon that's also on that list.

This Jeter Night Gamers card gets me within one of having the entire insert set, which I've been "chasing" for years (actually not chasing at all). I just need the Pudge Rodriguez now.

But getting back to 1970 Topps and what I was waiting for in the mail.

I had hoped to have the latest issue of Beckett Vintage Magazine in my possession by now. I know it's been published -- I've seen the cover -- and I may (or may not) have an article or two in that issue.

I have a subscription and it usual shows up during the first week or two of the month, a couple of weeks before it shows up on newstands. But it still hasn't arrived. I wanted to show off my article/articles because those are what paid for this:

This has been the cloud hovering over my 1970 Topps pursuit and now it's all sunny sailing ahead!
I think people who read this blog know that I didn't pick up this particular version because it's graded. You know me better than that. I got it because it was the card in the condition I was looking for at the right price.
But folks on that other social media site (what is it calling itself today?) don't have a clue on what I'm about. Because a good number of the comments when I showed the card were about the grade. Someone actually said, "looks good for a '3', might want to consider a resubmission someday."

So, yeah, it will be out of the plastic cage soon. It would've been out by now but, you know, I've been waiting.

I'm pretty sure that now that I've written this, the magazine will be in my mailbox tomorrow.


Old Cards said…
Congrats on getting closer on the 1970 set and landing the Nolan Ryan.
Nick Vossbrink said…
Need to create generic grading flips for you that just have your pinned tweet on them.
I wish that I hadn't gotten rid of that 70's run of complete sets back in 2015. I am 60 cards away from completing the 70' set and you know most of that is the high numbers including that Nolan Ryan. Congrats on the get, and the writing that got the get.
bryan was here said…
Congrats on the Ryan. My favourite card in that set, the Jim Fregosi is a close second.
RJ Sahl said…
The first packs I ever bought were the 1970 Topps. I have a decent number of those cards, but unfortunately none of the ones you still need. I have sold some and I know some were lost or tossed over the years. I have decided to try and build the 2019 Topps Heritage as it has the same design. I'm down to needing about 60 SP's. I have been trading for some, but it is slow going. Best to you as you try to finish your 1970 set.
Doc Samson said…
Hopefully you accomplish your goal, Mr. Owl. 1970 Topps was a decent looking set in my eyes. But of course, Topps would be hitting on all cylinders until 1979 design-wise.
Matt said…
Congrats on picking up a key card from the set!
GCA said…
"...resubmission..." child please...

It amazes me how nice a lot of low grade graded cards are, and how hard mojo hunters scoff at them. Give me ungraded all day, but if not, then show me 3's or less - I'll sack 'em and crack 'em if they look decent.
1984 Tigers said…
Night owl,

That 70s set was a pride and joy for me to complete, and not just because I wanted it in exnm or better. The last card I got was a near mint Bench except for 75 25 centering in one direction (don't remember top bottom or left right) but looks like out of the pack fresh. I was blessed to have a friend collector who had a mom and aunt who scoured garage scales in well to do Detroit suburbs in the late 70s. They would find people selling off gobs of nice 50s cards for 5 bucks for the whole bag. He used these to trade for a few high number sets and got one for me except the Bench. I only knew the pain of high number collecting for the 72 set, which was a root canal experience.

If you need a high number tiger, I just might have one or two. Lmk.

Also, I too have been waiting for my vintage. Yes it seems late. I did see it has Rickey on it. But only online, not at B&N.

Note: several of the highs for traded players had photos in new unis taken at 1970 spring training. Dave Bristol for one as New Pilots Mgr. I think Johnson that you got may also be a fresh photo.
Jimetal7212 said…
Ah, high numbers. My 70 set is short two of those, one being Santo. Slowly but surely. Congrats on finally nabbing the Ryan.
Chris said…
I've had that itch to write about an incoming card (or purchase) and waited for the thing to arrive but the mail is ... just... so .... slooooww.

Or sometimes it's the seller taking his/her sweet ol' time shipping it (which is happening to me right now)
Fuji said…
I took my dad to B&N last weekend for a little field trip... and saw the new Beckett Vintage. I started flipping through it to see if you had an article in the issue, but didn't see one. That being said... I didn't get a super close look, because I had to take him to the bathroom and I returned the magazine to the shelf while he was in there. Might go back tomorrow... to finish off the issue.
Nick said…
Seeing what the '70 Ryan goes for nowadays makes me infinitely more thankful that I stumbled into a copy for $10(!) at a show a few years back. It's probably the ickiest of the icky high-numbers in that set.

(I'd crack it out of that ghastly case in a second, too. Graded cards do absolutely nothing for me.)
Jon said…
Congratulations on your big purchase. I always like hearing about cards being freed from those awful holders.
Michael D said…
I have to admit, I was a little taken aback when I saw that Ryan in a holder. I feel much better knowing that it is going to be freed!
Jafronius said…
Great pickups! Of course the magazine came the next day.