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Men of action

For several months now, I've had an idea of creating an "all-doing team" for the blog. You know what an "all-doing team" is, right? It's a team of baseball players whose names form an active sentence. Such as "Rick Waits". This is my favorite example, but there are others. The question was, would I be able to form a team out of those players? But I struggled to do that. I have no doubt if I had the time for enough research, I could come up with a full lineup, but working within my constricted schedule (you don't want every post to be a trade post, do you?), I just couldn't find enough infielders. Kind of interesting, since infielders are moving all the time. No, the vast majority of players who form active sentences with their names are pitchers. It just confirms that without pitchers, this game would cease to exist. You can't start a baseball game until a pitcher throws a pitch. They make the game go 'round. So let'

Now is as good a time as any

Not that I needed reminding, but I read a New York Times story the other day about how it's been 30 years since the Dodgers won the World Series. Orel Hershiser was interviewed for the story and he was talking about how people still come up to him on the regular to thank him for 1988. This was the magic of 1988, he said. You win the World Series once and you'll be remembered fondly for the rest of your days. As a broadcaster for the Dodgers, Hershiser said that he wanted this year's team to experience what he does. They came so close last year, one game away, and they could have easily won the whole thing, They deserve to know what that's like. Now that the Dodgers are in first place, I think now is as good a time as any for them to win the Series. Last year's season of domination didn't work, so how about if they get in through the side door, after a season of injuries, hitting slumps and bullpen blowups? Granted, there's the matter of one week

Hunting for errors

I finally made it through all 36 packs of the 1989 Fleer box that I received from Johnny's Trading Spot . At 540 cards in the box, obviously I didn't complete the set from those packs since it's 660 cards in total. I'll have to see if it's complete once I add the many '89 Fleer cards already in my collection. The collation was quite good -- this is pre-1990s after all -- absolutely no doubles and just about all the big names of the day. But I don't know why I'm telling you all that boring set-builder stuff because all you want to know is: what errors did I pull??? I'm right on the same page with you. I found myself immediately searching for errors as I was opening the packs. With no real attachment to the set this was what was getting me through 36 packs. I went to Trading Card Database for a list of 1989 Fleer errors and took note: That's a bunch of them. The vast majority of these contain errors on the back. The most famous