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The great, big New Year's Eve 2012 blowout blogtacular

For me, 2012 has been a year of scaling back. In life. On the blog. In case you haven't noticed I have posted about 100 or so fewer times than in each of the previous years on the blog. And in this past month, I have posted fewer times than in any single month since 2008. It's a product of priority shifting and a much busier life. But I'm obviously not pleased about it. To make up for it here on the blog, I had planned to publish a post for every hour in the day, as a great big 2012 send-off -- and to majorly jack up my December posting numbers. The scanner worked overtime last night, and the ideas were flying everywhere. I had just wrapped up scanning and determined I was able to pull the whole thing off. It was about 11:45 p.m. or so, and then it happened. I felt ill. In past years I would have plowed through. But not anymore. If there is one thing that 2012 taught me is your body has a mind of its own. Mind over matter, and all of that, is fine, for women's