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Rejoice! The mini card page is near

I received a few more 1975 Topps minis from Mark H. the other day. Mr. Sutherland is one of them. The cards would be appropriate for this post, but I don't have the time to scan them all in, so I'll have to find something pseudo creative for those cards in another post.

Those minis get me down to needing about 70 more to complete the set (I counted the other day and can't remember the exact number now because I'm old -- duh, I'm collecting '75 minis). This is great, of course, but it also means that time is ticking on finally getting pages to fit all those '75 minis.

But apparently, UltraPro is clued into my '75 Topps mini completion timeline because this it what it released today:

When I saw it, I kind of sat and stared at it in stupor. I had just woken up after another long Olympic work session and my mind plays tricks on me in the late morning.

So, I just sent a little message to UltraPro to make sure it wasn't all a dream.

To which UltraPro responded:

And, of course, I was suddenly awake.

People, this is big.

It's almost a shame this is breaking today. I know some people don't read blogs on the weekend. So I hope everyone that is interested in pages to fit their mini cards finds this.

I also hope that people pester their LCS so that they sell these pages. I wish I had an LCS to pester because, believe me, I'd pester.

Obviously, this is the first step of the last stage. I can't exactly purchase these pages yet. Until they show up online or in a department store, I'll have to wait. That's why I want people to pester, because I want these pages to sell and be successful, because I NEED THEM FOR ALL MY MINIS.

Not only do I need them for the '75 minis, but I need them for the minis that basically jump-started this recent '75-style mini craze, the 2011 Lineage minis.

And that's why modern-set collectors should be interested in these pages. Maybe you don't care about '75 minis (but you should seek help if you don't), but I'm thinking you might care about these:

I dug out one of the old-style mini pages from back in the '80s, when those pages were available, to house these mini cards from between 2011-2014. See how nicely they fit in the pages? No extra space -- or at least minimal extra space. No cards floating around making the display all crooked.

Your minis can have a proper house, too! Just got to hassle your LCS.

As for me, I will be using these new pages to fill a binder with my soon-to-be completed 1975 Topps mini set.

For example:

This will be an actual page in my '75 mini binder. Those are cards #361-369 in the exact order and spot that they will appear in the binder.

That's how close I am to finishing this thing (minus nasty elusive cards like Aaron and Brett and Bench). I'm completing pages.

It looks great, doesn't it?

Whatever anyone can do to get these pages available for purchase is appreciated.

This is me doing my part here. Any LCS's that happen to read this blog -- this is me telling you about them. This me telling you that you NEEED to preorder these and sell them. That's Item #84307.

Thanks, UltraPro for getting this far.

Almost there.


Unknown said…
Glad you got good news, If I lived in America Id own an LCS
Why can't we order straight from them. It would be nice to avoid the massive markup my LCS puts on his. Maybe Blowout will get some.
Robert said…
Rejoice, the mini Johnny Bench is near. It will be in your next envelope...
Commishbob said…
I have my minis in pages that were made for them specifically but I purchased them in the 80s. They were not Ultra Pros so maybe they are slowly destroying my cards. Younger collectors probably don't remember the "PVC in cheap pages will ruin your collection!!" scare.
hiflew said…
I know I get accused of raining on parades quite a bit, and usually people (you) are correct for pointing out my annoying cynicism. So I apologize in advance for my next comment.

The picture tweeted by Ultra Pro makes the pages look way too small for a standard card album. Will there be a special mini-sized album that will need to be purchased as well? If so, that would look strange next to all of the big albums on a shelf. Did you hear anything about the size of the pages?
night owl said…
I've heard nothing about size of pages as this was the first notice I received that the page exists.

I know from when mini pages were produced back in the '80s that the actual page is likely smaller than a regular nine-pocket page as those '80s mini pages were smaller. It would still fit in a 3-ring binder, but the area the page takes up would be smaller. I don't consider that any kind of deal breaker and I probably wouldn't bother looking for a smaller-size binder.
Mark Hoyle said…
I will be heading to a card show in a couple of weeks. There is one vender who sells nothing but supplies to store cards. I will see what kind of info he has on these sheets.
Fuji said…
Nice. My minis can't wait.

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