Friday, July 25, 2014

It amused me, so I bought it

I was touring cards online a week or two ago when I stumbled across this beauty. I have a reasonably thorough knowledge of the '69 Topps set, so I'm not sure why I was seeing it for the first time.

The more astute collector would notice that Cap Peterson is not wearing an Indians uniform. He is wearing a Giants uniform. And the even more astute collector would know that Peterson had not played for the Giants since 1966. He played for the Senators for two years after the Giants!

But never mind all of that. That's not why I bought it.

I bought it because it's Cap Peterson. And he's not wearing a cap!

This instantly makes this one of the best cards in the entire 1969 Topps set. You can have your final Mickey Mantle card, both the white and yellow letters. You can have your Reggie Jackson, your Seaver, your Ryan, your Clemente, your Fingers rookie, your first Pilots players.

None of them dared to do what Peterson did. He donned the nickname Cap, but did not wear "A Cap". That is the definition of bad-ass. Or maybe it's hipster. I don't know, it's just so amusing I can't stand it.

I was curious whether Peterson had ever mocked his nickname (his real name was Charles, by the way) on past cards. It turns out he did. Here are his other cards:

I think you saw it there.

Peterson first started trolling collectors by abandoning his cap in the 1967 set. Right around the Summer of Love. Figures. Damn hippie.

As it turns out, 1969 would be Peterson's last season. He hit only .227 in 76 games for the Indians.

So on Cap Peterson's last card, he is not wearing a cap.

Hat's off, Mr. Peterson.


  1. That is brilliant, and a Giants card too, so I get to own it someday. Now...explain why they used a three year old photo on the 69 set...reaaaaady...go!

  2. Great selection! The missing CAP is what I noticed first. Hats off to you, N.O. - love the humor!

  3. Nice post! Nice catch on the cap! :)

  4. Wow, a capless Cap is almost as good as Podres with the Padres! Will the wonders of 1969 Topps never cease?

    The cherry on top: The Senators traded capless Cap to the Indians for minor leaguer Woody Woodson.

    In honor of this card, we should all listen to Del Shannon's "Hats Off To Larry".

    OK, I think I'm done now.

  5. Great post. What's next? Shoeless Joe Jackson w/shoes?

  6. Actually, on that '68 card he's wearing a helmet, not a cap. Has there every been a major leaguer named Helmut?

    1. This makes me think that someone should do a whole post on Roy Face, Bill Hands, Rollie Fingers, Barry Foote, Phil Knuckles, Arnold Earley, and Jim Ray Hart.

    2. Don't forget Rock Shoulders, who is a minor leaguer in the Cubs' chain.

  7. He's wearing a Giants uni in just about all of them. The '68 seems to be the only one he isn't wearing a Giants uniform in.