Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is that Sandy's binky?

I know I'm not the collector who should be commenting on cards like these. I know there are cards for all kinds of collections, and that collectors' priorities come in a wide variety of tastes and interests.

I know this because while some collectors have declared this card -- from the newly released Topps Marquee set -- as unbelievably awesome, my first reaction to it was: "Zounds, that is hideous. What IS it?"

And that, my friends, is why the card companies will never figure out how to satisfy us all.

This is something called "Titanic Threads," which is some exclusive hit that I will never pull from a product that I will probably never buy. I have already expressed my opinion on "giant swatch" cards. I'm not in this hobby to collect laundry. The "giant swatch" or "titanic thread" crowds out what is important to me on a card -- the photograph of the player. Even if you like this kind of thing, there are certainly better ways to design it.

For example:

Pilfered from The Real DFG blog

Still not my area of interest, design-wise, but at least it's a design with a purpose. The rag stuffed inside the card is actually enhancing the concept of the card instead of leaving you no choice but to obsess over what the heck has been stuffed between two slabs of cardboard.

Hmmmm ...

Is it Sandy's binky?
Is it a wash cloth?
Is it an ace bandage?
Is it part of his living room drapes?
Is it a piece of long underwear?
Is it a cloth diaper?

The mind reels with unpleasant possibilities. I know it probably says on the back -- or maybe it doesn't -- that it's a piece of uniform, but it just looks so ... UGLY.

(I haven't even mentioned the sticker auto).

I'm perfectly happy with a Sandy Koufax card. Period. If you throw his autograph on it, then I am ecstatic. If you can figure out a way to a put an autograph and a relic on there without making it look like something I could potentially wipe my nose on if I get desperate, then I'll be happy to take it.

But this?

I'm suppose to go bat-shit over this?

No thanks.

It might be the worst Sandy Koufax card that I have ever seen.


  1. It really looks like a shop rag that you wipe oil on and throw away.

    I saw on a forum a Pablo Sandoval quad relic that looks like chopped up tube socks.

    Meanwhile, back at Topps headquarters they are counting stacks of money.

  2. I overheard a woman at a card show once:
    "Next time you see black and white footage of little girls screaming at Elvis or the Beatles, remember this moment, remember you getting excited to find a piece of some guys clothes, attached to his autographed photograph, and remember that you paid $100 for the privilege."
    The guy she was telling this too didn't even care what she was saying, he couldn't get those twenties out of his wallet fast enough.

  3. I called these cards rags yesterday. Apparently, we're on to something here.

  4. Topps now has autographed Maxi-Pad cards?

    What's the parallel? Autographed Red Maxi-Pad cards?

  5. YUP. The worst. I said it on someone else's post... it's the complete opposite of this years Heritage Koufax auto.. that card is GORGEOUS. I'd blow 400 bucks on it if I had that kind of disposeable income