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The summer of Sandy

It's been a very frustrating day for this card blogger. For whatever reason -- and I've spent literally half the day trying to figure it out -- the computer will not scan photos anymore. It has no problem printing, which does me little good, but scanning is out.

This will probably hamper my blog posting for who knows how long. I already have put the set blogs -- 1971 and 1985 Topps -- on hold until I at least can find someone (probably my daughter) to show me how to take proper pictures of cards so that you can read the numbers and letters on the back. So my apologies in advance.

When issues like this occur, I'm happy I collect cards, because there is always a ray of sunshine right over there on my card desk that I can use to taunt my scanner, exclaiming, "Oh yeah, you think you ruined my day???? Ha, HA! I have THIS!!!!"

Today, this was "THIS!!!!":

For the second time in a matter of weeks, a vintage Topps card of Sandy Koufax fell out of a plain white envelope (and the clear blue sky) and into my home.

This one came from Commish Bob from The Five-Tool Collector. I totally didn't see it coming.

Around the first of the year, I mentioned on the blog that 2015 would be a year for accumulating vintage Sandy Koufax cards. I stuck to that plan only half-heartedly, obtaining the 1960 Topps Koufax very early in the year.

Since then, other issues -- mostly money related -- have interfered with my very valid and valiant Koufax card mission. But others have picked up the slack, most likely without ever being aware of my 2015 resolution.

So, '64 Koufax here arrived less than a month after '63 Koufax.

Commish Bob hoped '64 Sandy fits in my collection as it has a few minor issues (wear on the corners and edges and a tape stain on the back). I'm here to say it fits very nicely. There's no way I can afford gem mint Koufaxes.

So thanks to these rather generous mailings, I'm only three Topps Koufaxes away from having the entire run (still need '57, '58 and '59), and it also means I have all of the 1960s Topps Koufaxes, which was when he was at his finest. Here they are:

That there is almost as amazing as Sandy himself.

And as for you, scanner:


Sure, there are League Leaders Koufax cards to find and that small matter of the 1963 Fleer Koufax, as well as coins and stamps and other beads and baubles.

But I'm more than pleased with this and will be for awhile. This makes 2015 a summer to remember.

Although the scanner and I recreating that scene from "Office Space" sounds plenty memorable right about now.


gcrl said…
send me all of your 1953 and 1952 dodgers, and i will scan them for you. i may not be able to send them back right away, but at least you'll have the scans.

seriously, though, get this figured out quickly.
My first Koufax card was Topps 1961. It was trimmed but I loved it anyways. Wish I still had that sucker too.
I am going to declare the rest of the summer "the Summer of vintage Mantle." Let the PWEs roll in!
Stealing Home said… scanner. Those cards look beautiful to me.
Commishbob said…
My scanner has been giving me fits recently, too. We can take close-up pix of Pluto but nobody has figured out how to make a scanner (or a weed eater) that works for very long.

That's an impressive line of Koufax cards. If I can ever get completely organized I'm going to have to work on the holes in my Sandy collection.
Mark Hoyle said…
Great card from the Commish
Fuji said…
Sandy never looked so good. Beautiful card.
Billy Kingsley said…
I fully expect to add my 4th scanner to the stables by the end of 2015. I put them through a LOT of work...I scan nearly every day, and not just cards.
Billy Kingsley said…
Forgot to say it will be a replacement for #2, which still partially works but needs to be replaced.
acrackedbat said…
how is it even possible that your collection just keeps getting better?? love those Sandys!

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