Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This just isn't right

So, I was wandering through the blogs this afternoon as is my custom. It's a happy little time, devoid of worries or aggravations. It is a time when the sun always shines, purple bunnies hop through the meadow behind my backyard, and beautiful music emanates from a perfect blue sky.

And then I saw THIS ...

WHA??? JACKIE? IN A GIANTS UNIFORM?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It is my understanding that this monstrosity is one of the cards created for release at the National this summer. Apparently, according to the newsletter released today, they "wondered, what would Jackie have looked like in a Giants uniform and the 2009 National (Topps) VIP card of Jackie Robinson answers that question."

Well, isn't that lovely. Harmless musing. Mere wondering. How delightful.

Should I know about any other horrifying non-existent scenarios that you are scheming to bring to reality under the guise of mere wondering? Plan on burning every little kid's stuffed animals? Littering the highway with thumb tacks? Harnessing the power of the sun for evil? Shooting the purple bunnies hopping through the meadow?

Because if you're putting Jackie in a Giants uniform, WHICH HE NEVER WORE, then there is no stopping you from foisting other horrors on to the collecting public.

The story goes that Jackie Robinson refused to go to the Giants after he was traded to the team in 1956. I choose to believe that. But even if it's not true, he was never a Giant. And, for the record, I have NEVER wondered what he would have looked like in a Giant uniform. But thanks to The National, I'm forced to consider the possibility.

My eyes. My poor, poor eyes.

Might as well do what I would have done when I was a boy:

There. I feel somewhat better. I'm sorry they did this to you Jackie. Please forgive them.


  1. ya might as well put Hank in a Brewers uni, or Murph in a Rockies jersey, or.. or...

    I could just cry....

  2. or tony gwynn in a dodgers uniform

  3. I always wondered what Mickey Mantle in a Seattle Pilots on a 1970 Topps card would look like?

  4. Horrible. I am picturing someone like Stan Musial wearing a Mets uniform on a Topps faux-retro card or something.

  5. That '59 Robinson card for you reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:

    Once you see something, you can never unsee it.

  6. "...then there is no stopping you from foisting other horrors on to the collecting public."

    Like Jackie Robinson in a Yankees uniform!

  7. What is even worse about this card, is there were no New York Giants in 1959.