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2018: The best, the worst, the ... I don't feel qualified to write this

It's the final moments of 2018 and I'm struggling to sum up the year. I kind of dropped out of collecting current cards in the middle of 2018. I never looked for a pack of Gallery. Never got suckered into a blaster of Panini Chronicles. Bought only a couple of rack packs of Stadium Club. Cut back on Allen & Ginter. A pack-and-out of Heritage High Numbers. Didn't bother to check up on checklists or short-prints or all the stuff I did back in 2010, 2011, etc. Didn't even bother to look for my Dodgers online. Around about July or August, my collecting brain switched. I could hear the click. It didn't care about the cards on the shelves anymore or the latest and greatest. I started to focus on my one, true collecting love: sets. The endless questing for every last Dodgers card, the constant worrying (not actual worrying, but collecting worrying -- I think you know what I mean) disappeared. I can't tell you what Dodgers are in half the sets that were relea