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The best Dodger cards ever made countdown: 70-61

Happy trick-or-treatings, all. At this present time I am hoping that someone else answers the door. It's nonstop around here between 5:30-8 p.m. But I realize there are some of you whose neighborhood isn't prime trick-or-treating territory. Where you live is not so desirable that they bus in tiny sugar addicts from the country to ring your doorbell. You're sitting there with your three Snickers bars wondering when someone is going to entertain you. I'm here to help. It's time for another segment of "The Best Dodger Cards Ever Made" Countdown. So take off that mask and those bunny ears, pour yourself some apple cider, and feast your eyes not on caramel apples (blech), but on some pretty terrific Dodgers cards. Enter at your own risk: 70. Don Sutton, 1978 Topps I have gone on record as not particularly liking this card, which is still true. However, it remains a momentous card in the life of a Dodger fan who grew up in the 1970s. Sutton w


I was adding a few of my recent card acquisitions to their respective binders the other day. Once I receive cards, they go in a stack to be cataloged. Then the older cards go in another stack to wait to be added to a binder during one of my binder binge sessions (there's one coming up very soon). The new cards -- 2012 cards -- I add instantly to the binder because it's easy to do. Just plug them in at the end. As I was adding those 2012 cards, it struck me how many Matt Kemp cards I have from 2012. And then it amused me that I often complain about not being able to obtain Kemp cards because other collectors hang on to his cards a lot more than they did a couple of years ago. It amused me because I have no right to complain when I've already accumulated 43 cards of Kemp from 2012. That's right. 43. From this year alone. And there are many, many, many, many, many more that I have not obtained. This is not a surprise to anyone I'm sure. With the multiple set

An anniversary ... with cards, of course

Twenty-five years ago this very night, I started going out with a college girl. We were in St. Louis, on a four-day college journalism seminar. We traveled halfway across the country to get there with 10 fellow compatriots. Many fun activities were achieved. Needless to say, it was the time of our life. That college girl would become my wife, and here we are, 25 years later. All of this is irrelevant for a card blog, but I thought I'd do something to recognize that anniversary in a card sort of way. Namely ... A rack pack of 1987 Topps!!! Yeah, I know. Who cares? 1987 Topps will be available when we're flying around in spaceships like the Jetsons. But I care. First, these are the cards that were out when we took that junket to St. Louis. The Twins had just beaten the Cardinals in the World Series (I took a tour of the old Busch Stadium that weekend. It looked even more desolete in the wake of a Series loss). Second, this is how I bought cards in 1987. I di

In light of what just transpired ... Dodgers, Dodgers, Dodgers

OK, I know how you feel. You're bummed about how the baseball season ended. That horrible team with the awful taste in clothing attire won the World Series again. It was one of the dullest Series since you started watching baseball, and you know the TV ratings are going to be at historic lows. You went through a lot for seven months to have it turn out like this. Well, I'm here to help. I don't have a lot of energy to put into this because I went through my own personal hell of declaring for everyone in the north country readership that some team that nobody cares about won a World Series (yes, there are still people around here that actually read type printed on paper. Are we backward or what?) But I thought it would be imperative -- the least I could do really -- to show some Dodger cards in light of what just transpired. If only as a reminder as to who will win the World Series at this time next year. That's right, folks. Marco Scutaro is about to tu