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Play ball! (2014)

I wanted to post this when the Dodgers started in Australia. With the spastic way MLB begins the season these days, what is Opening Day but when your team starts? But, hell no, March 22 is no Opening Day. It's also way too busy of a time for me to post a bunch of cards. So, then I thought I could have this up by Sunday, when the Dodgers played AGAIN, but at least they were in the U.S. and at least it was sort of close to April. But I didn't want to acknowledge ESPN's attention-getting MLB exclusive and also, HOT BOX ! So, here I am, posting this now. The Dodgers have played three times, the Diamondbacks twice, the Padres once, Bryce Harper's already been kicked in the head, Ryan Braun cheered for no apparent reason, relievers blowing leads like it's the postseason, and you've been overwhelmed by 6,243 different Opening Day stats. And, yet the Yankees and Astros won't celebrate Opening Day until tomorrow. (*throws up hands*) Screw it, you'll g

Good things come to those who whine, part 1

They exist. Yup, what you're seeing here is a 2014 Topps Heritage blaster. In other words, I've gone full bore from being one of the last poor saps to find any Heritage at all to being one of the first to spot ... or at least show ... a Heritage blaster on the blogs. Nothing but 360 miles an hour around here. I knew this would happen. I knew the minute that I wrote a whinefest about Topps' distribution techniques that one of its elves would drop something wonderful in front of me and whisper "See? We're not so bad." Blasted evil elves. Yesterday, I needed to get wiper blades in anticipation of the spring season (little did I know that we'd get eight inches of snow 12 hours later -- blasters, snow, life is full of surprises). That was a perfect opportunity to travel north of town and see what the Walmart there featured in the card aisle. This Walmart has the smallest card section of any big box store near me. It's about a quarter of the s