Saturday, July 11, 2009

Too close for comfort

If you were walking down the street ...

... and you saw this guy ...

... walking on the same sidewalk as you ...

... and moving closer and closer toward you ...

... would you cross to the other side?

Just asking.


  1. I would be a little worried about my life if I came across Gardner, Looper, or Springer. Jacobs doesn't look too bad and Swisher looks like he just woke up from his overnight sleep about 15 minutes ago. ;)

  2. If it was Nick Swisher or Gardy no, but yes to all the other no names.

  3. If your a Dodgers fan you would probably want to go up to Looper and give him a big fat hug for giving up four hrs last night.

    I thought it was a pretty good game until the top of tenth. Yikes!!

    word veri: scramsti

  4. What horrible picture selection by Upper Deck.

  5. I would run for the hills, but then again thats probably where Russ Springer lives.


  6. Wow, thanks for the laugh! The O-pee-Chee Inserts featuring the "MUG SHOTS". I want the parallels Chrome version now. Grant

  7. If they shaved they might be less scary. In their Upper Deck mug shots.

  8. Actually I think Russ Springer is from Cassadaga NY

  9. With Swisher carrying that bat, I would definitely be crossing...Not a good sign late at night when a creepy looking guy like that is walking around with a bat...