Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blog of the year

Oh, hello there.

You must be the worthless peon seeking knowledge from my kingly blog. How simple of you.

Perhaps you've heard that my blog was voted 2011 Blog of the Year. Of course, you heard. Everything that I write or everything that's written about this blog is instantaneously distributed among the masses.

In fact, I'll bet you want me to write something right now.



But all you're going to get is a trade post. I don't have time for your little "entertain me" requests. I'm too busy fielding book offers, talk show appearances, and invitations to throw out the first pitch at all 30 major league baseball stadiums this year.

Yup, it's very, very, busy being Blog of the Year.

So here are some cards from All Trade Bait, All The Time. He's a fellow Dodger fan, so he is worthy of having the cards that he sent to me shown here. On the Blog of the Year.

Let's see what I so graciously agreed to display:

The only non-Dodger in the package. She's an Olympic gold medalist. I think that's almost as good as being Blog of the Year.

These 2001 Topps Gallery cards disturb me. It reminds me that not everyone can do as well in their craft as someone voted Blog of the Year. Those poor artists.

People have been withholding Andy LaRoche cards from me for years. But now that I'm Blog of the Year, they throw LaRoche cards at me. It has nothing to do with his plunge from prospect to backup player. It's all Blog of the Year, peoplz.

My first Topps Fusion card. This set confuses me. It's not recommended that you confuse the creator of the Blog of the Year.

Again, confusion. This is some Leaf concoction from 2003. The design looks like those early '80s TCMA cards celebrating the '50s and '60s. Your blog king is growing weary of this game.

A 2001 Heritage Dodger need. All that's left is a card of Jeff Shaw, which is going on the Nebulous 9 list as soon as I'm done with this post. Someone bring it to the Blog of the Year!

Fleer Greats! As Great as the Blog of the Year? Of course not! To be truly great, I need to have all the Dodgers!

Who let this card in here? Whoever did, you disgust me. Away with you!

Tommy John came to my town twice last year, and I didn't even talk to him. Because he wasn't worthy of the Blog of the Year.

OK, I'm done writing. I'm so sick of appeasing you people. The Blog of the Year is cranky and tired.

Be gone!


Pssssst, never mind that. Too many leftover Christmas cookies. Sugar makes me bitchy. Actually, I'm grateful to anyone who thinks I run a readable blog. Blog of the Year? I think you could make a case for that title to be attached to several blogs. But thanks truly for the votes and the contest. I'll try to keep you reading. Hopefully, without drivel like this most of the time.

Now, really, be gone. I've got to rest up so I can deal with people who don't think I'm king of anything.


  1. The humility...that's what separates Night Owl from all the rest! Kidding.

    There are a number of great blogs, a lot of good ones and then there's mine. Regardless of the angst a BOTY contest might have caused, I think your win was well deserved.

  2. FYI...That Ishii card doesn't resemble a TCMA set. It's the 1960 Leaf design.

  3. Congrats on the win NightOwl, or should I say, O Great One.

  4. LOL...worthless peon, I love it!!

    I bow to you, oh master of the cardboard writing.

    Oh la salima...

  5. ...and this is why I keep coming back. Well craft post King Night Owl.

  6. Congrats as well.

    Here's link to a 1960 Leaf Duke Snider on eBay.

  7. Yeah, I was thinking of this:

    Childhood sets always come to mind first. 1960 Leaf was before my time.

  8. Congratulations. A well deserved prize.

  9. Congrats, you are the Ryan Braun MVP of the blogging world. I think you used performance enhancing devices. You probably have a heated keyboard. I heard your mouse has 3 buttons.

  10. I've got the 2001 Heritage Shaw.

  11. I agree - it does look dead on those TCMA sets.

    I didn't even know about 1960 Leaf! Next you'll be telling me there were cards in Canada resembling those made by Topps.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom oh mighty King!

  12. Birds of a feather, peons. Birds of a feather...