Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's in my head

After so many years of writing this blog, I think people have a pretty good idea of what I'm interested in when it comes to cardboard.

But what do I like right now? What am I obsessed with right now? What's in my head right now? (OK, that last question may get a scary answer).

For that, you'd have to take a look at my latest COMC order. Plenty of people send me cards that I like. But only a COMC blog post guarantees that you'll see cards that I really, really, really like at this exact moment in time.

Isn't that exciting?

Well, it is to me.

These are cards that I received with some remaining Christmas money, because I always get cards for Christmas whether someone buys them for me or not.

Let's see what was in my head at the exact moment I pressed SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grabbing pesky inserts from sets that bug me.

That means you, Archives. I still need regular old base Dodgers from 2015 Archives, as well as that stupid SP base card. But those will be available forever. I need to grab the inserts before I forget they exist. And so, now I have the Yasiel Puig 1968 Game insert and this Clayton Kershaw 1990 Draft Pick-themed insert.

 Grabbing pesky SPs and set needs.

Speaking of Kershaw, Allen and Ginter had the nerve to make him an SP in 2015. So it took me to this point to land his base card. And I added the mini card, too, just for the ventriloquist-dummy effect.

Finishing off a team set.

All of the 2015 Heritage Dodgers are mine. That Frias card has been a thorn in my collection for nearly 12 months.

'70s movies and TV shows.

This is the latest card to go into the '70s movies/TV page. It's a very cool card from the Close Encounters Of The Third Kind set. When I watched this movie in '78, I thought they couldn't possibly make a more advanced, dramatic, thought-provoking, mind-blowing edgy movie. Of course I was 13 at the time. I watched Close Encounters about a year or so ago on Netflix and it does not hold up. Still a great-looking set though.


I love magazines. Traditional magazines. And I love baseball cards. Magazines ON baseball cards? I must has them all. But I'm just starting with the Dodgers.


You shouldn't be surprised that women are on my mind. At all.


The vast majority of my 1972 Topps over the last few years have arrived either in trade packages or from card shows. It's about time I landed some the new-fashioned way and grabbed them online.

The Babe Ruth Award card completes that very weird award subset for me.

Finishing off a set ... and failing

One thing that online cart-stuffers will know is you always have to be mindful of items disappearing out of your cart. People stealing things out of your cart!

This is what happened here. I thought I had the last 3 1981 Donruss cards that I needed. But when I ordered ship, I realized the Carl Yastrzemski card had disappeared. At least I know which card will be the last one to complete the set.

Vintage World Series cards.

By picking up these two cards from the 1960 set, commemorating the Dodgers' title in 1959, I have now wrapped up the Series set.

Like so:

Shame on Topps for not allowing me to do the same in the 1966, 1982 and 1989 sets.

More Vintage!

The time has come to go to work on some of the '60s high numbers. It's a tricky exercise.

I Said More Vintage!

All that's left from '58 is Pee Wee, Koufax and Drysdale.

More, More, More, More Vintage!

Speaking of Drysdale, there he is!

It amazes me how cheap off-center cards can be. These prices were obviously created by people who were born after 1980. I pulled off-center cards out of every pack I bought between 1975 and the late '80s. It's really no big deal. Especially with something so nicely vintage.

And, there you are.

That's what I was thinking about as far as cards that I really wanted a short week or two ago.

Of course, the cart is filling up yet again.

My head is always full of cardboard thoughts.


  1. You talk about how cheap off-center cards can be; I found something similar on comc. I found a 1950 Bowman Lou Groza rc that had looked great but had a low price due to water damage. I saw the scan and am not bothered at all by it. I got it for just under $15. Meanwhile some other lower grades of the card that looked a lot worse were over double the price. I'll post it on my blog when I have it shipped.

    Nice pickups!

  2. Greg, you did quite well with that cart. Can't wait to see what fills it up next time.

  3. That World Series "Neal Steals Second" card has always confused me. The '59 series set is 7 cards - one for each game and one for the champs. The Sox won two games, but really only "get" one of the cards in the set - the "Luis Swipes Base". That is the only cardboard that speaks positively the Sox in the series. Yet, they beat the tar out of the Dodgers in game 1 and the card focuses on a play that didn't even matter in the game (a stolen base in the 1st inning).

  4. "You shouldn't be surprised that women are on my mind. At all."

    I'm not (in fact I'd be very worried if they weren't on your mind). That said, the rule of thumb is that every man's head is filled with non-stop porn.

  5. That Drysdale card is cleannn. Who cares about centering glad to hear it's not a big deal from a reputable pack opening source.

    Those SI cards are my favorites though, absolutely love all those.

  6. I have the 2015 A&G Kershaw box topper to make it a trio if you're interested...

    1. I don't need the box topper, but shoot me an email when you can so we can start a trade.

  7. Note to self. Check the doubles box for an 81 Donruss Yaz.

  8. As a big fan of Charles In Charge, I might need that Josie Davis card. Nice!

  9. When I first saw the Americana, I thought about only collecting the hot women from it, but then I figured I might as well go for the whole set.
    Every year on my birthday (two weeks ago), I post pictures of Kate Middleton and Nina Dobrev, because they were born the same date I was (I have several years on both of them though). Those posts comprise 98% of my page views in a given year. I'm considering posting a pair of hotties each month whose birthdays happen that month. That will give me at least eleven additional posts per year, which pretty much doubles my total, and it will attract readers who may scroll far enough to see the handful of other posts that are actually about sports and cards.