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The first zipper update

I received at least my 70th card package from Cards On Cards recently. It was heavy on Clayton Kershaw cards new to my collection, which is almost the best card package you can send. One of the cards was my first 2019 Topps Chrome card. I just can't get myself to buy this stuff anymore, so it is appreciated: You may think this is the same image of Kershaw that appeared on his 2019 flagship card and you would be right -- and also wrong. Here is his flagship card: Now, see them together, side-by-side: Move your eyes in a downward direction. Notice something different? Yes! Somebody has zipped Clayton's zipper! This was addressed on the Cardboard Icons blog already , but I did notice the same thing at about the same time , and I can't not mention something notable about my favorite Dodger player when it comes to cards. Because this is a historic moment. There have been card updates for trades featuring players in different uniforms or in differ

It's not right but it's OK

First, Topps needs 50 lashes with a wet noodle for releasing a well-known product in late August. Late August is filled with back-to-school shoppers. On a Wednesday afternoon. When I and retirees normally have the stores to ourselves. And, for some reason, around here, Canadians join the fray, and don't know where they're going, and suddenly I feel like I'm shopping on a weekend. I couldn't wait to get out of Target. I wanted to shop for a few things for the card room but I picked up the lone Archives blaster and headed straight for the self-checkout. So, now we're at my annual Archives post. Anyone who has read this blog for more than a couple of years knows how I feel about Archives. It's a mishmash set, often executed half-heartedly, and usually looks like the creators only read about collecting during the years that featured the selected Topps designs. For me, that's sometimes enough to buy a rack pack of Archives for the year and be done wi