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March is dead and I'm still alive

There is a well-known line of dialogue in the old "Mad Men" TV series in which the main character, Don Draper, is berated by his latest love interest, who says that he can never commit to anything because he "only likes the beginnings of things." Like the best of television shows, that line has stayed with me for a long time and has led to periodic self-cross-examination. However, I have also found that often -- maybe more often -- I like the ends of things. More importantly, I like the ends of things when I'm still around to see the end. Yep, what I'm saying is we've reached the end of my least favorite month again, and I'm celebrating because I'm still alive. Honestly, I don't know why we have to stuff every conceivable life activity into the third month of the year every year. The biggest sports tournament of the year. Holidays. High school sports championships of every stripe and color. Birthdays abounding. Mid-terms. Special

Blog bat-around epilogue

Here is a card that arrived just yesterday. It's part of my recently started mission to get a better representation of my love for music in my card collection. I figured the MusiCards set from the early '90s is the best place to start since they're so available. Why Kylie Minogue, you ask? A better question is why not Kylie? Why hasn't Kylie Minogue been the three-decade cutey-patootie sweetheart in America that she's been in all of Europe and Australia? Why, huh? WHY? But anyway, this satisfies both my music cards collection and my girlie cards collection. And I've been doing a fine job lately of meeting several of my collection interests, as you'll see in a post this weekend. But this post is less about my collecting interests than your collecting interests. A couple of weeks ago I kicked off a Blog Bat-Around by asking you what your collections looked like. Some of you beat me to the punch and listed what you collected before I even started t