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Awesome night card, pt. 252: waiting for the new night cards

I can't really say I'm ready for 2016 Topps. I'm still having too much fun with 2015. But this is the week that 2016 Topps is released, and I've heard through the twittervine that it's already on store shelves somewhere, so I can't help but be intrigued. In fact, dammit, I'll be at a big box store tomorrow, whether I have the time or not, in hopes of opening the first cards of the season. Got to celebrate the holiday properly, you know. One of the things I look forward to when the new cards arrive are the night cards. What will they look like? Will there be any special ones? Will they look as good as this Jarrod Dyson card here from last year? So, while I bide my time, I thought I'd look back. I tried to find a Topps night card for each year that Topps has issued cards. OK, I knew I was going to fail right away. There are precious few night cards during the first two decades of Topps issuing cards. And there are some sets, even long after ni

Thanks for the help

Unless you're an egomaniac or sociopath, you are probably aware of your shortcomings. Since I am an introspective sort, I am definitely aware. While others try to hide their shortcomings, I don't mind broadcasting mine. Here are three: 1. I am inherently shy. That means I dread small-talk and encountering people I know in hallways. 2. I can be hypercritical. It's nothing that loses me friends, but I get that look and I know I should take it down a notch. 3. I have no willpower. This is a big one. It explains a lot of things. It explains my hobby. I try very hard to overcome these issues and it's not easy, but fortunately I have a card set now to help inspire me. You're probably aware of the Pride and Perseverance insert set that came out with 2015 Topps Update. I'm not interested in many insert sets enough to try to complete them, but this is one of the very few. Like the best insert sets, it has a story, and this story is how each of the players in t