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Back to the bowl

I spent the weekend visiting my daughter and doing family things.

That usually means time away from the blog and cards in general, but fortunately my daughter wanted to check out the antique mall and that means checking out the card bowl!

If you don't remember, or haven't been following along, that is a ceramic bowl (or maybe it's wooden -- I don't know, I was distracted by cards) I found in a shop. That bowl contained individual vintage cards priced right.

I visited the shop again yesterday, and while the wife and daughter entered and turned right, I immediately turned left and headed to the right corner, There, I found the familiar display case of mostly Yankees cards that I either wasn't interested in or were out of my price range. I quickly looked toward the table in the center where the bowl was. But there was no bowl.

Oh man.

Then I spotted a few nine-pocket pages of football cards over on a side shelf by a window. The first page contained 1977 Topps football cards, which is a good way to draw my interest even if I've completed the set already. (The rest of the football cards were Pro Sets). 
I then glanced to my right, where there were pages of mid-to-late '70s and early '80s baseball cards. Nothing I needed there, but -- silly me -- in switching my glance from football pages to baseball pages, I skipped right over The Bowl!

There it was, right under the window, with some sweetly discounted vintage commons.

That is what I grabbed this time (plus the '76 Palmer at the top of the post, just because it's always been a cool card).

I can't say why I selected these, other than the 1969 Topps because I like to believe I'm collecting the set in the most indifferent way possible. I'm not even trying to complete anything else here and barely know most of the players (weirdly, this is the second straight post with a Joe Horlen card).

I'm simply attracted to discounted vintage. It seems like a no-brainer. Do I have it? No? Then take it!

In my usual fashion, I didn't buy everything else in the bowl. I know some collectors would have swept everything out of there, all of the bowl's contents, the pages, even if they didn't need any of the cards for their collection.

But I can't do that. Also, I was spending enough money on this weekend, driving, lodging, dinner, so some of y'all are staying in the bowl (mostly it was '62s, so many crew-cuts in that set that bother me more and more every passing year).

As I mentioned the last time, I'm always tempted to buy some old record albums when I'm there, but hold back every time because of the potential for cards.

As long as that bowl is stocked, I am stoked.


Larry said…
I like reading these because they are random and quaint as opposed to more thematic posts that take me time to think about.
bryan was here said…
Antique malls are fun! My daughter and I just visited a few this past Saturday and I found a bunch of '73 baseball packaged individually in Ziploc bags. They were just randomly there , with some salt and pepper shakers and a couple of Tonka trucks. I already had them, but it was still fun to see. I did, however pick up a 45 from Denny McLain. Yes, THAT Denny McLain.
family time is always good.
Discounted vintage FTW. There wasn't any at the most recent show i attended, and I was quite disappointed.
Old Cards said…
Great vintage finds. I am very familiar with those players on the 66 cards. I know what you are saying about the 62's, but I would have enjoyed flipping through them for possible purchases.
Bo said…
It's nice your daughter is able to appreciate something like an antique mall, a lot of young people don't.
GCA said…
"I know some collectors would have swept everything out of there ..."

Those aren't real collectors doing that.

Always nice to have little sources like that shop.
Fuji said…
Glad you were able to find some singles for your collection. I've never been out to the East Coast, but there seems to be a lot of cool antique stores on that side of the country.

My buddy is always telling me about his cool finds in Georgia and South Carolina. Plus there's YouTuber that shows off his antique shop finds and I'm pretty sure he's in Pennsylvania.

There's a small antique store in Southern California that always has a good variety of cards... but I haven't found any good ones in my area. I'd say 50% of them carry cards of some sort, but it's nothing I'm really into.
Jon said…
Taking everything is a d*** move.
Adam said…
Got yourself a pretty nice haul there!