Monday, June 29, 2015

Guts and generosity

I haven't been doing very well with card packages recently. There just isn't the time there used to be. Two or three years ago I was on a once-a-week schedule for packaging and sending out. But that's become every three weeks or four weeks, or whenever the work gods deem me worthy of free time.

Consequently, packages have been slow to arrive at the home (although I do see three in the mailbox as I write).

I was in this state of card package limbo over the weekend, when I got the mail on Saturday. As a U.S. citizen, you must know by now that nothing but nothing good ever shows up on Saturday.

I shuffled through three flimsy looking envelopes, fully expecting an ad or a bill, and there was one small white envelope, in the shape of a greeting card, that I looked over.

It was from R.C., who has sent me some excellent cards in the past. In fact, on two separate occasions, he has sent the above 1961 Topps Duke Snider card.

But I had to the shake the cobwebs on the who and the what because you know how the brain fogs over when busy days turn into busy months.

I pulled the item out of the PWE. It was a top-loader, wrapped in some orange note paper, which included the following message:

Me, too, R.C. Me, too. I'm always hoping for items of use.

But considering what was obviously one card traveling in a PWE, I didn't expect much more than a forgotten want list item or maybe something a little vintagey.

I forgot this was R.C. I was talking about here.

The one card:

That takes both guts and generosity, my friends.

Guts, because that's a 1963 Sandy Koufax with a single stamp going halfway across the country. Generosity because, well, that's a 1963 Sandy Koufax going halfway across the country!

I don't have to say that made my Saturday.

With this Koufax, I'm one more closer to getting all the vintage Topps Koufaxes. Of course there is still '57, '58 and '59 (as well as '64), but I know I'll get there.

Just call it feeling.


  1. Yikes. That could have been a recipe for disaster. Glad that beauty got to you safely!

  2. That makes the trip to the mailbox worthwhile.

  3. Better than a bill if you ask me...

  4. Wow! Sweet Koufax! Heck... the two different Sniders are't too shabby either.