Friday, June 19, 2009

Mr. Hershiser has heard of night owl

Well, sort of. Here's the story ...

I have been doing this blogging thing for nine months now. Not a long time, but long enough to get a little complacent about the stunning generosity of the blogging community. And that's never a good thing.

When I first began, I couldn't get over the kind of things that collectors did for other collectors. David from Tribe Cards giving away cards just because he felt like it. Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats sending out cards unexpectedly. Mario of Wax Heaven forming a directory in which he would give away cards of your athlete of choice. It was mind-blowingly cool.

As the months went on, I still thought it was cool. I still appreciated it. But the mind-blowing part wasn't quite there anymore. That is, until I received a package in the mail Thursday from Zach of Autographed Cards. And then my mind was blown all over again.

If you read this post, you know Zach invaded the College World Series last weekend. He accumulated a mess of autographs. But in between getting signatures of Rollie Fingers and Gaylord Perry, running down Stephen Strasburg, and getting stuck in traffic, he actually took a moment to get this:

That's right, that is a signed 8x10 from my second favorite player of all-time (only Ron Cey rates higher), Orel Hershiser. And it actually says, "To 'Night Owl' - Best Wishes"


That is so cool. If my wife notices something that comes out of one of my many packages -- and she noticed this -- then you know you've hit the jackpot. I can't thank Zach enough for getting in line, being aware of how much I like Orel Hershiser and having the presence of thought to ask Orel to sign it to "Night Owl."

Zach said that Orel signed it, and then Zach asked him to personalize it. He said, "make it out to Night Owl." Orel gave him a quizzical "who?" look, then looked down and wrote it! Fantastic!

(If Zach doesn't mind, I think that when I retell the exchange between him and Mr. Hershiser, I will have Orel say, "Not THE Night Owl? I read his blog all the time. He's hilarious! And always right.")

I am not a memorabilia guy. I don't collect balls or uniforms or even glossy photos. I collect cards. That's it. There was a question on A Cardboard Problem the other day asking everyone what their favorite piece of memorabilia is. Yesterday I didn't have an answer for that.

Today, I do.

Thanks, Orel! Thanks, Zach!


  1. Awesome!!! I am almost excited as you are just by knowing how much you enjoyed it.

    I knew you weren't an autograph buff like me, but I did remember seeing a post last month about you trying for Hershiser TTM. Well, I thought I would try to save you a couple of stamps and the wait by taking the in-person route instead. I figured that if you didn't care for it, it would only cost me the price of postage since the 8x10 and the autograph were free. I'm glad that I did it.

    And after thinking about it, he did say "THE Night Owl" and all of the other stuff you said. Sorry I forgot to mention that.

  2. "...Night Owl."



  3. Zman: actually the TTM try for Hershiser has been sent out already, but that doesn't diminish this any. Thanks again.

    crackinwax: Hey, Hershiser is even smarter than I thought!

  4. Great story. That's why I read this blog. Now I'm going to start reading zman's blog. Too cool for school!

  5. That's awesome. But the weird part is reading your story here:

  6. I am so jealous, but happy at the same time. Just call me hapless.

  7. That's a great inscription. Very cool. Congrats.