Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's just you and me, Orsulak

One card. One lousy card left to complete my 1986 Topps set. And it's Joe "bleeping" Orsulak.

Can you believe it? The strangest cards end up being the last ones needed to put a bow on a set. Not Puckett, not Mattingly, not Rose. Orsulak.

I don't know where Orsulak is hiding, but I do suspect this: Someone is protecting old Orsy because they can't let go of a card that has (RC) next to his name in the Beckett price guide. Well, let me tell ya something, rookie card fanatic. No. 102 of the 1986 Topps set is not Orsulak's rookie card. His rookie card is what's at the top of this post, No. 89T from the 1985 Topps Traded set (There's an '85 Fleer Update card, too).

So, now that that is out of the way, I'm asking ... no, I'm begging: please PLEASE trade me this card. A solitary hole in a binder of 792 cards is about as sad a sight as you're ever going to witness. Sadder than "Marley and Me" (and you thought that was a happy movie). Sadder than watching Evander Holyfield get back in the ring again. Sadder than watching someone buy a five-dollar repack box. You don't want me to CRY every time I look at my '86 cards, do you?

Please help. Like Scott C. of Green Monster did. He sent me three of the cards that I needed to complete the '86 set. The three cards that have brought me down to this lone, standoffish, doesn't-like-to-play-with-others card. (feeling guilty, Orsulak? Good).

Scott sent me #46, Billy Hatcher, a card I thought I already had, only to find out (oh, the horror) that I really didn't. Thanks, Scott.

He sent me #582, Joe Beckwith, who Dodger fans know started his career with the Dodgers.

And he sent me #500 Rickey Henderson, who will be known as Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson at this time next week. Sweet!

But Scott didn't stop there. He also sent a bunch of '86 Dodgers that help me almost complete the team set for my team binder. He sent this 1988 Fleer Bob Welch card that I needed, as well as a Dodger checklist (I'm not showing the checklist because it's sharing the front with the Angels and that's all kinds of unsettling).

He sent me a much appreciated 2001 Topps Kevin Elster. I'm having a semi-hard time finding 2001 Topps Dodgers, so this helps.

You didn't know Elster played for the Dodgers did you? Yep, 80 games in 2000 to end his career. Hit .227. But Topps gave him a card!

And Scott added several 2002 Topps Dodgers from my wants, including these four. Great stuff! Thanks again, Scott.

This package arrived Saturday (or maybe Friday, I lose track). I received three more packages in the mail Monday, so I'll be a busy posting guy the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, I have my eye on you, Orsulak. You can't run forever.


  1. All right, quit cryin'. I got that card, I'll drop it in the mail as soon as I can get it packed up and to the post office. Should be this week.

  2. I was about to go digging into my box of cards that houses all of these types of 80s cards to see if I had one for you. They are really in a box and probbaly would find a better home someplace else. But it's a big box.

  3. God, I LOVE that set. It's so ugly, how can you not like it?!

    Not 2008 Topps ugly, mind you. That's just a whole lot of fugly.

  4. Didn't I just sent you some 1986 cards? But I think they were just Dodgers. I have this card as well but I guess you don't need two. And like you say, it is his rookie card...

  5. Congrats on completing the set when dayf's card arrives. We find ourselves glad that a smart person such as yourself may occasionally get confused about which cards yet lurk. (We did this with '08 A&G, thinking we completed it twice, but still have four missing cards. Unlike us, you didn't give up. Not giving up on your set is called "sphos," which happens to be today's word verification.)

  6. Wow, Joe Orsulak. For some reason, I thought his career started in 1988. Maybe I'm just getting him mixed up with the one-year wonder Brady Anderson. There is a big differenc between the two ... sideburns. Yeah, baby.