Sunday, June 12, 2011

Duty calls: Topps Series 2

I ended up obtaining more Topps 2011 Series 1 cards than I had intended. I blame those Value boxes. I bought them only for the codes and the Heritage cards. But it's not like I can throw the Series 1 cards in the garbage (who do you think I am, a mojo hunter in a card shop?)

So, I have enough of a Series 1 stack that I really should complete the thing. But I won't. Because that means finding a binder and pages, and there is nothing more joy-sapping than looking through a binder of a set that you don't care for at all.

So, Series 1 is destined to be incomplete. And it will live in a box. And it will like it.

I expect Series 2 to join Series 1. Unless Topps comes up with another ingenious packaging arrangement, I expect to be purchasing less Series 2 than Series 1. I bought my first Series 2 cards the other day and I'm already done with it.

But duty calls, and I must show the contents here, as is tradition.

This was one of those blister packs. Four 12-card packs for $7.99 plus a code card.

Let's roll:


#581 - Fernando Rodney, Angels

First card of Series 2. I'm feeling 2010 deja vu with the Angels pull.

#338 - Jason Hammel, Rockies
#481 - Randy Wells, Cubs
#519 - Corey Hart, Brewers

#479 - Justin Duchscherer, Orioles

First card of a player in a new non-photoshopped uniform for 2011.

#346 - Jose Bautista, Blue Jays, series 2 checklist

#560 - Chris Iannetta, Rockies

Melkey Cabrera about to be tagged out.

#378 - Mark Reynolds, Orioles

#DD-3 Diamond Duos, Cliff Lee and Zack Greinke. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

#TT2-23 Matt Holliday, Cardinals, Toppstown

#650 - Josh Hamilton, Rangers

I am disappointed in this card. Too far away. Not a card you give to an MVP.

#570 - Matt Cain, Giants

"Hey, kids! Topps Attax is bigger and better than ever!"


#636 - Chris Tillman, Orioles
#428 - Brett Myers, Astros
#446 - Brandon Beachy, Braves
#391 - Phil Coke, Tigers

#635 - Jason Heyward, Braves

#413 - Derek Holland, Rangers

#648 - Cody Ross, Giants

I do believe this is a photo from the World Series.

#358 - Paul Janish, Reds, gold parallel.

I pull more gold parallels of Reds than any other team. Also, I just found out the other day that Janish's last name is pronounced "Yon-ish," like "Jan Hammer" of Miami Vice theme fame. There is so much I don't know about the Reds.

#T60-97 Jackie Robinson, Dodgers, Topps 60

Well. That takes care of that. Most interesting part of the card is seeing the Dodgers all-time top 10 in OBP. Gary Sheffield is #1.

#402 - Jack Cust, Mariners.

That uni don't look right.

#621 - Omar Beltre, Rangers
#450 - Mark Teixeira, Yankees. Yes, he's making that freakin' fish face. Breath IN once in awhile, moneybags.


#611 - Geovany Soto, Cubs
#598 - Jonny Gomes, Reds
#562 - Gordon Beckham, White Sox
#485 - Delmon Young, Twins

#580 - Chris Young, Mets.

Chris Young is the last human on earth.

#600 - Neftali Feliz, Rangers

#646 - Los Angeles Dodgers, Kemp and Ethier.

Awesome. Great card. Hard to believe that a team with these two guys is flirting with last place.

#589 - Seattle Mariners, Felix Hernandez and Ichiro.

#KC-76 Lou Brock, Cardinals, Kimball mini

#60YOT-101 - Craig Biggio, Astros, 60 years of Topps

I don't think they got the font right for the name on the '93 Topps reprint. How difficult is it to repeat the fonts from your own product?

#557 - Wes Helms, Marlins
#448 - Colby Rasmus, Cardinals


#610 - Josh Beckett, Red Sox

#527 - Kila Ka'aihue, Royals
#480 - Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox
#427 - Brad Emaus, Mets

#608 - Casey McGehee, Brewers

Dig the retro uniform. Anybody see the gold jerseys the Brewers were wearing yesterday? The jerseys read "Cerveceros" across the front. Somehow, that makes me more thirsty than "Brewers."

#496 - Gavin Floyd, White Sox

#530 - Felix Hernandez, Mariners, diamond parallel

That's a nice one. Lot better than that Jose Guillen thing I pulled in Series 1.

#DS-24 Ryan Braun, Brewers, Diamond Stars

New insert set for Series 2. Impressive.

#399 - Adam Moore, Mariners
#599 - Travis Ishikawa, Giants
#585 - Dan Johnson, Rays

#425 - Adrian Gonzalez

My scanning ability on this card is in direct relation to Topps' ability to convince me that Gonzalez is actually wearing a Red Sox uniform.



You can't go wrong with a '70s card I don't have, even if it is a collection of irritants.

As you probably noticed, there are fewer inserts per pack in Series 2 than in Series 1. That's cool if you're collecting the set. But, for me, they're destined for the shoebox.

Except the Dodgers, of course.


  1. Your comment on the Chris Young card makes me think of a challenge...find cards with the largest amount of area visible in the background behind the player. There are some spring training shots where there is very little in the way of stadium behind the player, such that acres and acres of ground are visible.

  2. Funny thing, you mentioning about Topps and their fonts. In the past two insert sets that chronicle every years of Topps, thy seem to get the fonts wrong MOST of the time. You'd think it would be easy to copy the fonts from your OWN products but for some reason the Topps photoshop after school club can't seem to get it right.

  3. don't you DARE put Jason Heyward in a shoe box Dodger boy!

  4. Topps not being able to re-create their own fonts makes me crazy. Especially when most custom card makers don't seem to have any problems re-creating them.

  5. I've been buying Series 2 this week. Enough to be about 2/3 done with the set. And enough to already have 5 Hiroki Kuroda's (including one of the Diamond Parallels) and 4 Matt Kemps. I'm going to be out of town all week, but I can send them to you if you don't already have them.

  6. Pack 4 was awesome with 3 Red Sox and diamondy cards till your code redeemed a Yankee. It ail probably make ok tradebait at least. If I got that same pack of the bat I would go for more. But maybe quiting while you are ahead is smarter.

  7. Kemp and Ethier - that's one I can take out of your envelope for tomorrow !!

    Capt. , How many Heywards would you like ? I have plenty and they are all in a box.

  8. Is Justin Duchscherer showing a split fingered fastball grip or flashing a gang sign?

  9. What's with the Topps Attax hatin'?

  10. So THAT'S what Duchscherer looks like!

  11. That Chris Young card is another example of unconvincing photo manipulation by Topps. They changed the colors & put a Mets logo on his cap, but they didn't fix his uniform number. Young was #55 for the Mets; he only wore #32 for the Padres.

  12. Any interest in trading some of those Reds gold parallels? Drop me a line on the blog or email...