Sunday, September 4, 2016


1995. I can't say I remember a lot about that year.

Hmmm, let's see what I can dig out of my brain:

Well, there was the O.J. trial, of course. Michael Jordan came back to the NBA. We had a World Series for the first time in two years (and a former co-worker, whose big passion was sailing for crying out loud, scoffed as we watched the Braves play the Indians, saying "people still watch this stuff?" Yeah, buddy, they do. Go fall out of a boat).

Blues Traveler was big. Toy Story, too, if you were a kid then. There was living in a gangsta's paradise. The Soup Nazi episode on Seinfeld. (Also another favorite: "Jimmy might have a compound fracture! Jimmy's going into shock!").

More stuff: The emergence of Donovan McNabb. Apollo 13. The world is a vampire.

OK, I guess I do remember some things.

As far as baseball cards, the hobby was almost dead. In my world and just about everywhere else. The strike had practically killed it. I bought three packs of Topps and then basically said "see ya" to collecting for a decade.

But they were still making cards in 1995. I've found that out in the years since starting a blog. They were making lots and lots of cards. Desperately making lots of cards. Please, please, somebody, buy our cards.

This pack of Donruss features the kind of cards made in 1995. It's another one of those packs I picked up for a buck each at the card show in Vermont back in May. It's a hobby pack of Series 2 -- says so right on the front. I decided to show it here because it has a connection to this year's cards.

Take a look at the back of the first card out of the pack and a selection from 2016 Topps Bunt:

Slight resemblance there.

All right, time to open the pack. A bit of a warning: It's the '90s, so prepare to view unreadable names and very boring uniforms. Hum "Don't go chasing waterfalls," if you must, to get you through.

#334 - Tuffy Rhodes, Cubs

It's Mr. Japanese baseball home run man.

An aside about the set: 1995 Donruss is easily my favorite base Donruss set of the '90s. It lands squarely between '94 Donruss (yawn) and '96 Donruss (the strange foil loin cloth set). I admit its resemblance to 1963 and 1983 Topps is why I like it so much.

#536 - Cal Eldred, Brewers

Gah. Hate everything about the Brewers' uniforms from this time.

#353 - Carlos Pulido, Twins

Pulido barely logged any time in the majors, yet his pro career lasted from 1989-2008.

#362 - Joe Boever, Tigers

This pack is really boring.

#380 - Kirby Puckett, Twins

There we go. Puckett was entering what would be his final major league season in 1995. Here's another aside: a guy I know recently shouted stream-of-consciously (he does this a lot): "Who names their kid, "Kirby"? "Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Puckett" I said instantly, before I could get to "Mr. and Mrs. Dar Dar").

#497 - Darren Daulton, Phillies

I don't miss mullets.

#490 - Joe Carter/Checklist 405-477

#409 - Felix Fermin, Mariners

I believe these and the Brewers' uniforms then are why I confuse the Brewers and Mariners to this day (that, and the whole Seattle Pilots/Mariners thing). I adamantly believe this is also why MLB moved the Brewers to the National League. Cut down on the confusion.

#468 - Tony Tarasco, Braves

OMG, the inset photo should have been the main photo.

Another Donruss/Bunt comparison since I already scanned it for Cardboard Junkie.

#458 - Ryan Thompson, Mets

These look like the uniforms the Expos were wearing around the same time or slightly earlier. It's as if in the '90s, MLB teams got their uniforms from one supplier like high school teams do and there are only 7 templates available. MLB was a step away from 6 teams wearing blue and gold and all named the Bulldogs.

#432 - Jeff Reboulet, Twins

Three Twins. That's the kind of pack it is.

#490 - Joe Carter/Checklist 405-477

The same checklist! THAT'S the kind of pack it is. I forgot to warn you about mid-1990s collation.

So, anyway, that was my time trip back to 1995.

Wasn't it fun?


At least I didn't mention Hootie and the Blowfish.


  1. I like this design but I can't stand the foil as it makes the names pretty much unreadable.

  2. "Gah. Hate everything about the Brewers' uniforms from this time."

    You and me both. The Brewers did a 90s night this year around the end of July in honor of pitcher Will Smith. They did throwbacks to about 1995's uniforms. The team traded Smith to the Giants about the next day.

    I don't think that was a coincidence. I think it was a trade made of shame for bringing back these horrible nightmares of some of the darkest years of Brewers history.

  3. Interesting cards..
    I think Brewers fans and uniform followers alike try to forget those Brewers uniforms existed.. Much like the Angry Birds Jays unis..

  4. 1995 was amazing! I was in 4th grade lol.

    Also I need to collect this Donruss set someday. I went to the dentist once and he gave me three baseball cards after and two of them were from this set.

  5. Joe Torre said on Undeniable with Joe Buck that they almost traded for Felix Fermin when Torre first took over the Yankees. They were going to send Mariano Rivera.

    For a while, I thought MLB had made a rule that every team had to make their uniforms with the nickname in the cursivy type with the swoosh under it like the Orioles, Dodgers, Royals, etc. So glad that's over.