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C.A.: 2008 Topps Stadium Club Justin Upton (yes, I finally completed the damn thing)

(Welcome to the first day of Gerrit Cole as a New York Yankee. In true Yankee fashion, the Cole news not only annoyed me on a baseball level, but from a job perspective as well, announced after midnight, approximately 30 minutes before deadline, forcing absolute chaos in an attempt to get it  published in the paper. So those of you who woke up to the news and announced it as if it was a new thing, I have one thing I wanna say: I KNOW!!!!!!!! Welcome to Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 287th in a series):

Eleven years ago, I did a dumb thing.

I decided to attempt to complete the new Topps Stadium Club set, which was released in early November of 2008.

I liked the look of the cards. It was the first Stadium Club set in five years. And, I was attempting to complete a lot of 2008 sets that year because that's what I did then. Got to complete what's on store shelves, right?

Well, 2008 Stadium Club showed me the error of my thinking.

The set is basically impossible to complete.

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My comment on comments

I try to be an equal-opportunity commenter.

That means, if I see something interesting on a card blog, any card blog, I try to comment. Having time to read blogs often enters the equation, but mostly, when I have the time to read blogs, if I see something I find interesting, and my comment is more than "That's cool!", I will comment.

It's only natural to gravitate to certain blogs that hold your interest but, again, I try not to reserve my comments for certain blogs. I've seen others do that, and it strikes me as clique-ish. I try to avoid that.

I believe in commenting. I believe in being a good neighbor. A good blog neighbor comments. It's just the nice thing to do. It doesn't take long and nobody can claim that all they have time to do is write a post and that's it. Bloggers like to feel like what they write is being read. And the only real way they have to gauge that is through comments.

So I try to be a good neighbor.

It can pay off sometimes. An…

Simba ... and the most Hall of Famers, update 10

One of my childhood favorites was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday.

I haven't been a fan of the Cardinals for decades, but there was a period during the '70s and early '80s when I rooted for them quietly. Some of my favorite cards were Cardinals, players like Lou Brock, Keith Hernandez, Bake McBride, Al Hrabosky and ... Ted Simmons.

From the moment I saw his 1975 Topps "Dude Looks Like a Lady" card, owned by the cool kid up the street, something spoke to me about this Simmons character. His cards were pretty awesome and, looking at his stats on the back -- whoa! -- he was GOOD.

From there I thought Simmons never received the attention he should have gotten. Overshadowed by Johnny Bench in the National League, and by Fisk and Munson in the American League, Simmons hit the stuffing out of pitchers, all while balancing it with being the Cardinals' primary catcher.

Simmons, along with Bench and Fisk and Manny Sanguillen and others, was part of a &#…