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The last time digging through the cereal box

  I completed the 1980 Kellogg's set a few days ago by simply ordering the whole thing online. That's the way to do it when it's cheap enough. Oddball sets from this time aren't exactly easy to pull together piece by piece, although that's my preferred method.   The 1980 Kellogg's set doesn't get a ton of respect, probably because it's not a Kellogg's set from the '70s but also because it's the second set after Kellogg's decided to downsize the width of its cards, which set off all kinds of alarm bells among kids from that time. "Is Kellogg's trying to swindle us? I think it's trying to swindle us! "  I've come around on those '79 and '80 sets (and '83, too). They don't look too bad with those dimensions and those sets seem to be able to avoid cracking as often as the wider sets. 1980 in particular seems to be almost immune from major cracking -- or at least not cracking by someone just looking at it.
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70s > 80s

  I love the 1980s.  The '80s had the best music. Maybe the albums couldn't match up with decades like the '70s and '90s, but the songs on the radio were magic. Three or four minutes of pop perfection. 1980s new wave/alternative is probably my favorite music genre of all. Go through my record albums -- yes, I still have them -- and there is more '80s stuff there, by far, than anything else. Same with the '45s (still have those, too). I never had more fun watching TV in the '80s. The only time I've sat and watched entire blocks of programming, show after show after show, was the 1980s. I can still name all those shows and in what order they appeared on a given night. And MTV was born in the '80s. Can't forget that. The '80s was the first time I went to a bar or a nightclub. It's when I graduated from high school and from college. It's when I learned to drive, talked to my first girlfriends, found my eventual wife and worked my first ne

That other brown team

I am one of those old baseball fan dudes who appreciates defunct teams. I don't go full crotchety and wear only Kansas City A's jerseys combined with Pilots caps when I go to the ballgame. And I'm not knowledgeable enough to tell you all the Federal League teams and where you can find merchandise for those long-ago squads. But I will like a thoughtful Expos reference or picture and secretly appreciate a fan spotted wearing a Cleveland Naps hat. I am not prone to collect cards of those teams, although I do find myself unwilling to let go of any retro Expos. But not long ago Cards On Cards was giving away surplus cards by team and offered up each team on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Cards On Cards proprietor and I have traded A LOT over the years. Cardinals for Dodgers at least 60, 70 times or more. I'm almost certain that except for a few Cardinals tied up in sets, he has all the Cardinals in my collection. And I assume the same situation exists with his Dodgers

That was normal

  It's interesting navigating in a world that's gone crazy.  Often-times, when people around me have gone off the deep-end, either panicking when there's no need, taking whatever event or activity to the extreme or just having wack-a-doo thoughts, I have to constantly check myself: OK, am I still normal? How about now? Still normal? *Three weeks later* Still normal? It's a constant inventory evaluation because I'm always expecting some of the crazy to rub off on me. There's just so much of it around. Only a matter of time, right? So into this strange hobby world, I entered my first card show in 693 days on Sunday. I didn't know what to expect with everything that's transpired in the last year-plus. I've heard some say shows have changed. I've heard some say they're pretty much the same. Before heading out I took two signals -- which basically say the hobby is pretty darn vibrant -- as a warning. One, the place where I was going never has sh

13th on the 13th

  I started Night Owl Cards 13 years ago today and have been churning out copy since. Much has changed about blogging and collecting since I've started and while my blog has undergone some changes, they've been on a much smaller scale. I myself am pretty much the same. Here, let me show you a paragraph about myself that I wrote on the one-year anniversary of this blog: "In many ways, this blog is my personality. I try not to get too deep with it -- this is about baseball, after all -- and by nature I am easygoing and have a sense of humor. But I also have a strong sense of right and wrong, can be direct and abrupt at times, and have always been introspective. It sounds strange, but I am a quiet, thoughtful, humorous guy, who can get loud once in a great while." That's still me, working amid a changed hobby world. Things have gotten bigger for me, particularly in the last year. I've been guesting on a few podcasts (unrelated to the blog, but related to the Tomm