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Why I buy cards I don't think I will enjoy

So this was the week that 2014 Topps came out. I suppose if your week was rather mundane then you can define it that way. My week contained a sick dog (still sick, thank you), a minor surgical procedure (irritating the hell out of me right now), a four-day long snowstorm (have you ever seen one foot of snow fall in two hours? I hadn't until Wednesday night), and an ungodly stressful week of work brought on by Super Bowlympics (god, I can't believe I once liked sports). So thoughts of 2014 Topps were on my mind, but physically going to a store wasn't. Today, finally in recovery mode, I ventured out and reached over the very tall man with the shaggy beard pondering a blaster box of football of some sort (don't do it!) to grab a hanger box of 2014 Topps. It's a little more than I wanted to buy, but it contains a good representation of what's in the set and that's the idea here. Before I bought them, I had seen all the 2014 card talk all week on Twitt

The pipeline

One of my regrets from last weekend's card show is holding 1970s Kellogg's cards in my hands and not buying any of them. Normally, when going to a card show I note that if I find '70s Kellogg's cards, I will make certain that they are captured, tagged, bagged and strapped to the top of the car for the long trip home. But I had them in my hands and then I let them get away. I can only hope that they will be fruitful and multiply. I had an excuse of course. When I'm surrounded by deeply discounted 1950s cards even Kellogg's can't compete with that. The other excuse was I had just received a bunch of '70s oddballs from Scott Crawford On Cards! Exclamation points!!! The reason I love '70s oddballs so, and prefer them vastly to any other kind of oddball, is because they are part of the pipeline. I've written about the pipeline before, many times. The pipeline is cards from the '70s. Specifically cards from 1974-80, but I'll allow


A few months ago I wrote a post about the best collection of Topps sets when you grouped them by year. For instance, all the sets from a year that ends in "7." My favorites out of that particular grouping are probably the "3s" and "5s". But no matter what my favorites are, it's a fact that there is only one group number for which I have not completed one set. That group is the "2s". If I explore why that is, this is what I come up with: 1. 1952 - iconic set that's way too expensive to complete, not that I've tried. 2. 1962 - older set that's also way too expensive to complete, not that I've tried 3. 1972 - currently attempting to complete, it's a toughie. 4. 1982 - currently attempting to complete after ignoring it for too long. 5. 1992 - it's OK, but early '90s cards take me to a bad place. 6. 2002 - pretty ugly set, not much interest. 7. 2012 - disgusted that I have the cards from this set that