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2023: the best, the worst, the ... same old, same old ahead

  In reflecting on the past card year I've realized that this end-of-the-year tradition probably needs some adjusting. A lot of the categories that I've used year after year don't really apply. For example, "Best Pulls," is for when I opened a lot of retail product, but I don't do that anymore. I didn't pull a single autograph this year, almost no variations or anything other than a random relic swatch a couple times. I can barely comment on what's going on with current cards because I just don't buy more than a sampling and if I'm not trying to complete the set, then I probably don't care about what's happening with the set, how it's different and all that fan-boy nonsense. My comment on anything Bowman? It's stupid. There. There's my informed opinion.   But I will still press forward with this post because I love a year-end recap, if only to remind myself that -- see? I did make some collection progress this year!   But as