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How many cards can you get on a tank of gas?

Last month, amid all of the work tasks performed in those 30 days, I found myself driving about 70 miles to talk to someone for a part-time job opening. Why I had to drive that far for a part-time job candidate doesn't matter -- well, it does matter but if I think about it too much, I'll get upset. What matters is this person decided right during my talk with him that he had no interest in the job. So, that was fun, 140 miles total for no damn reason. Later in the month, I drove about the same number of miles for another work function, an annual dinner, the organization of which I'm sure takes months, if not years, off my life. But now the payoff. I received a gas reimbursement check a couple of weeks later for 80 bucks. Oh, boy, cards here I come. I usually don't reserve my gas reimbursement for cards. I don't travel all that much for my job anymore, so there's no need to create that kind of budget (when I did travel a lot for my job, I wasn't

The most hall of famers, update 8

When Alan Trammell was selected for the Hall of Fame last December, it solidified this card as one of a kind. This card is the first and only multi-player rookie prospects card to feature more than one Hall of Famer. Trammell joins Paul Molitor in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown on Sunday and is also immortalized in collecting history. There is also another member of this year's Hall induction class that appeared on a rookie prospects card in the 1978 Topps set. He happens to have been a teammate of Trammell's. Jack Morris will be making an induction speech Sunday afternoon, too. Both Trammell and Morris are part of a massive Hall of Fame class this year, with Vladimir Guerrero, Trevor Hoffman, Chipper Jones and Jim Thome also being inducted today. I won't be able to watch the ceremonies tomorrow and I'm kind of glad about it, because that's a lot of speeches to sit through. Also, like I mentioned last year, the 1990s guys don't interest