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The sexy vampire from outer space

    Happy Halloween on what could be a scarier holiday than usual. Everyone have their candy shoot affixed to the porch railing?   As I've mentioned before, Halloween is usually a very busy time in my neighborhood, but we're not expecting nearly as much activity tonight. I have to work anyway.   For this year's Halloween post, and to add my second Save Second Base post on the final day of October, I have this pink card that came with a few cards that I picked up for mere dimes several months ago. I knew nothing about Vampirella until I came across these cards. I'm not much of a comic nerd. I'm definitely not a horror nerd. And combining the two usually isn't going to get me to buy anything.   But I do make an exception for sexily drawn women in skimpy outfits. I can't help it. Vampirella is made the way she is. I'm made the way I am.   The cards I found are from a 1995 Topps set called "Visions of Vampirella". Getting information about this s

Less bang for your buck

  OK, I'm steering this blog away from Dodger cards for a post or two. I'm already getting complaints. 😒 I was running a couple of errands before work yesterday when I stopped at Walgreen's to grab some cookies for someone who has been very good. As I turned away from the shelf, I looked down the aisle and noticed a middle-aged man staring at the toy area, right where the baseball card repacks normally hang. Could there be baseball cards? I had heard a month or two ago that even Walgreen's repacks were being raided by the flippers so I didn't even consider finding cards when I walked in, but what was this guy looking at? As he moved on to something else, I moved in. I was surprised to see three Fairfield repacks hanging on the metal rack. I immediately noticed something skimpy about the box but grabbed the first one (probably should've grabbed the second or third after seeing what was in the first). Now, the reason that the box was so skinny is that these repac

Tougher from here on out

    (For those entered in the contest to win the 1989 Topps Big set, I'll announce it at the end of the post).   I've been a Dodgers fan since 1974. I know a lot of readers know that but I just want to get it out there for any newcomers who arrive upon this blog in the next year or so and think, "another one, huh?" Longtime fans have their radar turned up for bandwagoners. It's an ugly thing that we rooting veterans do, singling out the rising totals in Patriots or Braves fans over the years as the sign of some sort of mass personality flaw. It's actually none of our business. New fans can root for whoever they want. But I do expect more Dodgers fans to show up now that the team has won the World Series. It's just the nature of things. Do you know how many Jets fans I saw on the playground in the early '70s? Where are they all now? I do expect acquiring Dodgers cards to get tougher from here on out, too. Not that it isn't tough already. Aside from