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2020: the best, the worst, the ... end

Every year at the newspaper we run an end-of-the-year retrospective of the previous 12 months in local sports.   It's filled with the achievements, championships, records and transactions of the past year and it takes weeks to assemble.   This year, for the first time, we didn't plan to do anything like that. What was there to review? Sports were canceled in March and except for a few fits and starts never really got off the ground on a scholastic level, at least in my area of the state. Our top 10 stories of the year would be: SPORTS CANCELED on March 12 and that would be the list.   But as I looked closer, I realized that actually quite a bit happened in area sports even while nothing was happening. And so the retrospective has been revived. Much like the collecting hobby in 2020, a tremendous amount of stuff occurred when nobody was actually doing anything.   I've never seen a year in the hobby like this. No one has. If you were told last January that a pandemic was goin