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There are a million other things I should be doing ...

The Million Card Giveway code-entering process is an all-day affair. If I didn't have the day off, there's no way I'd waste half my leisure time doing this, but since I do, I'm having a little fun.

I hope between all the crabbing and the only half-deserved "shame on you, Topps" sentiments that people are having fun with this. There are some really cool cards coming out of this promotion and even though I'm having a heck of a time getting through, I think this is a great idea and a good deal of fun.

I completely expected the site to be slow on the first day. This is why I never go to a movie the first day it's out or check out the new restaurant in the first week. I can't deal with the inevitable glitches or the high-strung people. But I made an exception with this case because a) this involves cards, and b) there aren't mad throngs of humanity surrounding me (just a million collectors I can't see). So I stepped outside of my comfort zone this one time and this is a nice reminder of why I'm never the first to do anything.

I have the eight code cards and so far I've been able to enter just one. At 1:40 p.m., I discovered the site was up. It took until 2:32 p.m. for me to be able to get registered and a code entered. Then, at 4:50 p.m., I finally found out I landed this card:

What do you know? It's Scott Garrelts. Two posts ago I predicted I would pull a Scott Garrelts card. Granted, it was the 1990 Garrelts. But this is also a Garrelts card that I already have, so I'd say that's a semi-accurate prediction.

I used the Mantle '69 code card up top to claim the Garrelts card.

I haven't been able to do anything since. I entered a second code and have been on hold since that point.

I'm going to post all of the other code cards at the bottom of this post. When I finally get through to enter another code, I will post the cards I git as I git them with the corresponding code card. Git it?

I don't know when that will be. It'll probably be after most of the collectors have finally hit the sack. That's the perfect time for a night owl like me to get some work done anyway.

Edit: Success almost as soon as I posted this! Well, success in terms of getting through anyway. The last seven cards were redeemed in 45 minutes. Here are the ugly -- and I DO mean ugly -- results:

1963 Gibson code card unlocked at 7:49 p.m.: 1993 Future Stars of Colorado Rockies, Jason Hutchins & Ryan Turner.

(Lovely, a guy in his Fruit of the Loom T-shirt. At least it's a card I didn't have).

1985 Schmidt code card #1 unlocked at 8:05 p.m.: 1985 Scott Fletcher

(I bought the entire 1985 set in 1985, so I've had this card for awhile).

1963 Maris code card unlocked at 8:12 p.m.: 1987 Kevin Bass

(I knew a 1987 Topps was coming. I do believe I need this card. But need is an awfully strong word when it comes to a 1987 Topps Kevin Bass).

1969 Mantle code card #2 unlocked at 8:17 p.m.: 1985 Ron Hodges

(Topps, haven't  you heard? I completed the 1985 set! 25 years ago!)

1978 Carter code card unlocked at 8:25 p.m.: 1983 Renie Martin

(There is no bigger fan of the '83 set than me. But I have completed it already, and I'm starting to think that other people are having more success with this promotion than I am).

1957 Mantle code card unlocked at 8:29 p.m.: 1985 Pat Tabler.

(Another 1985? OK, Topps is toying with me now).

1985 Schmidt code card #2

Schmidty! You're my only hope! Find me something outside of the 1980s realm, please!

Unlocked at 8:36 p.m.: 1998 Kirk Rueter.

Topps didn't provide a card photo with this one. Probably because it was embarrassed that it was giving me a Giant from the 1990s as my last redemption. It is also the third Giant redeemed in this group.

Oh, well, at least it wasn't a card frrom the 1980s.

Here is the final tally:

1988 Scott Garrelts -- have it
1993 Rockies future stars -- need it
1985 Scott Fletcher -- have it
1987 Kevin Bass -- need it
1985 Ron Hodges -- have it
1983 Renie Martin -- have it
1985 Pat Tabler -- have it
1998 Kirk Rueter -- need it

So, three cards that I need. And none I'm going to want to pay to get shipped to my house.

However, other bloggers had a lot more success with this. In fact, I think it's safe to say that no one has done WORSE than this.

But I am not scarred. I will indeed be buying more cards and entering more redemption codes. Maybe I'll actually get something I want.


Bball420 said…
i have been able to get 4 of my 5 codes entered..a 1973 common, 1987 schmidt i believe..and i have a screen shot of a 1966 hoyt wilhelm i got..i got one more code but its been freezing on me the last 20 minutes or so. hope i get a good hit on the last one
but this looks like i may try for some more codes lol
Bball420 said…
got my last one...1970 topps johnny odom i think :( but hey the wilhelm was cool
Ben G said…
oh man. Crappy Giants and Rockies cards.... I'm sorry.
Nachos Grande said…
I got a couple of the 1987 cards too...but Topps made me happy by also giving me a 1961, a 1971, and a 1972 card to go with the 87s and a 2005 Micheal Tucker. I almost gave up after redeeming the Tucker with my first code though...that wasn't worth the wait!
Unknown said…
It's a bummer on what you got, but i agree with you that the idea is pretty cool and it gives you hope. I got a '73 topps Jack Heinemann, which I dont need or want, but for some reason I still think it's pretty cool, maybe because I wasn't around in those days.
Anonymous said…
I finally managed to unlock my card, and it turned out to by a 1980 Scot Thompson. He's got a cool mustache, but that's not worth the $2.92 to have the card delivered.

Maybe if I end up with some more codes along the way I'll pay the 53 cent tag-along fee, but I've got to unlock something worth $2.92 first.
Anonymous said…
Ouch! I was beginning to think that I had the worst pulls of those posted.

Anyways, Thanks for taking all the flotsam and jetsam for us.
I just posted mine, then started going through the other blogs.I've looked at three blogs so far.All three had Tribe cards! I get White Sox, A's,Mariners and Brewers (Robin Yount!).
Field of Cards said…
I think this is great. The complaining was fun when the site failed. Finally being able to redeem was fun. Laughing at what I got and what others got is fun.

I've never seen so many people posting commons on their blogs at the same time. Ha ha. Good times.
dayf said…

(you got hosed, dude)
deal said…
I think you won the turkey award.
Matt Runyon said…
Go Giants!

Looks like ya got bipped :)

(I got 1988 Darrel Akerfelds)
Anonymous said…
I did prett bad too, 2 cards, A 2005 matt desalvo, (2005 really? My mom didnt throw that out, if anything, I did!)
and 1993 rudy seanez, eww.
Did you use IHATEGIANTS as your login name because they apparently knew that and were exacting some revenge.
I had 18 cards to redeem and 6 of them were from 1987!! I left a post about my code cards.
Anonymous said…
Yikes. *pat pat* That was unfortunate Mr. Owl.
MMayes said…
I think what you need is to stop getting the All-Star and HOF code cards and see if you can get lucky and get the 1974 Mike Tyson code card which will reveal a 1963 Sandy Koufax.

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