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Sets I've completed

Don't mind me. I'm on vacation, and part of my mission during these few days of freedom is doing card inventory stuff like this. What will probably happen instead is I'll end up painting the back hall or dragged to something my daughter considers "fun." Or both. But while I can, it's inventory time. There may be more uninteresting posts of this nature for the next few days. Posting also will likely be sporadic. And then I'll hit you with a fantastic post that will make you keep coming back, only to find drivel like this. Anyway ... Sets I've completed:   1956 Topps   1971 Topps 1972 Topps  1973 Topps 1974 Topps (incl. traded set) 1975 Topps 1975 Topps minis 1976 Topps (incl. traded set) 1977 Topps 1978 Topps 1979 Topps 1980 Topps 1981 Topps (incl. traded set) 1981 Fleer 1982 Topps (incl. traded set)   1982 Fleer   1983 Topps (incl. traded set)     1983 Fle