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The surprise show stunned me stupid

I was in Vermont over the weekend. I expected it to be the usual family/tourist experience, completely devoid of the hobby. I didn't even have any plans to scope out a big-box store (I wouldn't be surprised if they don't exist in Vermont) or a card shop. I was going to be plenty busy. I figured I could do without cards for a few days. As suburbanites do on their first day in a new city, my wife and I strolled through the mall, which sat across the street from our hotel. In full mall-mode, meaning slightly bored, I wandered aimlessly through a couple of stores while looking forward to lunch. Then my wife said, "that sign says there's a card show here." I turned and looked to my left. In the middle of the aisle, usually where those annoying kiosks go, was an empty wooden stand with a little roof. Dangling from the roof was a single, small poster that read: Sports Card Show May 28-29 I stared at it. The sign was so out of place with what was aroun

I was on a break

Hello there. Miss me? I took a little break from blogging but I'm officially back. If you want to know the reasons I disappeared, it's nothing fascinating. Yeah, Blogger's inability to publish posts when I wanted it to was the instigator, but I went away for the weekend, too, and trying to goad Blogger into publishing posts while I was attempting to be on vacation didn't sound attractive. When you can afford to drop inconveniences you should, every time. And so I did. Those of you on Twitter know I didn't stay away from the community or the hobby totally. You also know I enjoyed a bit of hobby luck. I'll save that for tomorrow's post. But in the meantime, I did pick up some cheap old packs while I was away! I'm not in the habit of buying old packs, mostly because the ones most available are often from the last 25-30 years, and in most cases I'm not collecting that stuff. But these were staring me in the face, all for a dollar each, and I w

Well, lookie there

I've got myself another little recurring series here. It's another one of those time-savers that requires minimal thought. In other words, it's almost a Tumblr post. (Remember my Tumblr page? It was a good idea until I realized the format doesn't think fondly of words and that was the end for me. This also means never expect to find Night Owl Cards on Instagram). I'm calling it "well, lookie there." It's what one might say as they're going through their collection and spotting something interesting that they are discovering for the first time. ... OK, it's what I might say as I'm going through my collection and spotting something interesting for the first time. The posts in this series after this one will feature some sort of name or title after the "well, lookie there," intro, at which point I expect readership to plummet dramatically for this particular series. That's usually how it goes. The debut entry has to do w