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That season

It's contest time. Brian from Collecting Cutch wants to know about a year my favorite team didn't win the World Series. Needless to say, this is an overwhelming concept. A year my team didn't win the World Series? Like, say, in the last 31 years? I know my team isn't the Padres or Mariners or even the Pirates. The Dodgers are a little more fortunate in some ways. But they also have been around much longer than most of the unfortunate, so they've had many, many years to compile ineptitude. The Dodgers were the perennial loser Brooklyn Bums for more than 20 years during the early part of the 20th century, and then during the '50s almost all they did was lose World Series. They have Mickey Owen and Ralph Branca and Tom Niedenfuer in their history. There's all those Series losses to the Yankees and all those playoff losses to the Cardinals and, uh, losses in the last two World Series. So I had to do some thinking. And I settled on a team that played lo

More to the picture(s)

Even though I showed quite a bit of the photos that Alan sent in the giant diaper box, I felt like I didn't give the package justice just because so much was left out. Since the arrival of the package, I've found out that this indeed was Alan's collection of Dodger photographs and my hat's off to him for his detailed accumulation as well as bestowing me with these. As for some of the items that I left out, let's start with this: This, I believe, is a program for the Montreal Royals, the long-ago farm team for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Marvin Rackley played for the Royals and I believe this program dates from 1946. That would be the year that Jackie Robinson played for the Royals, too, and Robinson and Rackley were teammates. They were also teammates with the Dodgers and each made their major league debut on April 15, 1947 according to a few accounts. That is far too cool and needs to be appreciated more than when I showed it on Twitter. Come on, man, th