Friday, March 18, 2011

Walmart 1, Target 0, Floating heads 8

Today has been a day of recuperation and reconnaissance. I'm happy to say I've been successful in both.

In my leisurely state, I journeyed to Target to acquire some 2011 Heritage that surely had been placed on its plentiful card shelves by now. But it hadn't. I looked to the pile of unopened boxes on the palate next to me. But all I saw on the boxes were stamped ads for Jolly Ranchers. I don't like Jolly Ranchers.

Still, I didn't get mopey. Since things were still leisurely, I moved on to Walmart, which usually isn't as prompt as Target when it comes to cards.

But as they say in the hobby, "that's why you play the game." Walmart did have 2011 Heritage. Loose packs. Rack packs. Blasters.

I am avoiding blasters unless there's a damn good reason. So I picked up two rack packs and two loose packs. That's 50 total cards for $17. I don't know how that compares with blasters. I used to be a lot more helpful in this area, but I'm having a hard time caring anymore. You buy what you want. How's that for advice?

As I mentioned in the last post, I am not collecting Heritage again this year. My goal with these packs was four-fold:

1. Get an idea of how Heritage looked
2. Get at least one Dodger
3. Avoid the unfunny card of the unfunny Brian Wilson (good luck blowing all those leads this year, class clown)
4. Find a floating head card

If I had looked at one of the rack packs more closely, I would have realized that I had accomplished two goals already without even paying for the cards.

Chad Billingsley is peering over the word "baseball" in the top compartment, and you can see floating heads hiding behind Halladay's legs at the bottom.

So, let's see what I got in each pack. I'll be throwing a few of these cards in trade packages, but I really need to catch up with some IOUs, so don't be looking to initiate any new trades right now. Let me get a chance to break even.

OK, loose packs first:


#232 - Giants Win Opener

Here's another reason not collect Heritage this year. I am certain there are Giants cards everywhere in the set. Nobody needs that.

#208 - Rickie Weeks, Brewers

#33 - Barry Zito, Giants

See? The capless shots aren't exactly inspirational either.

#273 - Chris Perez, Indians
#483 - Trevor Hoffman, Brewers (SP)

#144 - Babe Ruth Special - Farewell Speech

Gracious, the Babe looks haggard.

#395 - Matt Holliday, Sporting News N.L. All-Star.

I like these cards. These aren't short-printed like most of the Heritage all-star cards have been in past years.

#151 - Arthur Rhodes, Rangers

Seeing jewelry on vintage designs is very disconcerting. Hell, seeing jewelry on a 40-year-old man is disconcerting.

#112 - Luke Scott, Orioles


#32 - Russell Martin, Yankees

As predicted, Martin has lost his ability to take good card photos now that he's not a Dodger. Martin looks like all those Yankee fan-thugs who buy themselves a jersey and glove and talk real loud so everyone can pick up on their loser vibe. Russell, what have you done?

#305 - Mike Aviles, Royals

#246 - Andrew Bailey, A's

I like this card. Bailey was not treated kindly by Heritage last year. This is much better.

#210 - Evan Meek, Pirates

#229 - Pedro Ciriaco, Pirates

The old double reminder that Ciriaco is a rookie.

#NF-6 News Flashbacks, Dodger Stadium Opens Its Doors

Awesome. The News Flashback I wanted the most. There's also one of Jackie Robinson being enshrined into Cooperstown.

#200 - Derek Jeter, Yankees

I see Jeter enough, so here's the back of his card. Looks just like those '62s.

#175 - Adam Dunn, White Sox

#109 - Ted Lilly, Dodgers

There's a Dodger.

So far, so good. On to the rack packs.


#340 - Chad Billingsley, Dodgers

I wonder how the players feel about all these close-up shots with Heritage? Especially the dudes with the bald heads.

#309 - Yonder Alonso, Reds
#104 - Domonic Brown, Phillies

I'm no 1962 Topps historian, so I don't know if the look of the numbers on the back of the cards are supposed to vary as they do with these two cards. I suppose I should trudge to the card room and do a little contrast-and-review. But you forget, I'm in leisurely mood. I ain't gonna do what I don't want to do.

#346 - Felix Hernandez, Mariners

Some of the cards in this set are very nice.

#445 - Prince Fielder, Brewers (SP)

I apparently have the Brewers short-print magnet.

#216 - David Aardsma, Mariners (chrome dome on full display)

#292 - Orlando Hudson, Padres
#67 - Zach Duke, Diamondbacks

#371 - Victor Martinez, Tigers

Photoshopped, and I'm guessing Topps lifted that background, too.

#60 - National League Strikeout Leaders

Floating heads!!!! I LOVE the leaders cards from '62 Topps. Lincecum looks like he just walked out of the high school bathroom, but otherwise, that is a bitchin' card.

#273 - Chris Perez, Indians

My first Heritage double. Over the offseason, Perez bought some booklet card that had the signatures of the entire 1927 Yankees lineup in it. I guess that's what you can do when you're a major leaguer.

#61 - Milwaukee Brewers

I'm just not a fan of 1960s team cards.

#18 - Managers' Dream, Albert Pujols and Ryan Braun

This card mimics the Managers' Dream card from the 1962 set, which featured Mantle and Mays.

#312 - Doc Shows Perfect Form

This card mimics the Warren Spahn No-Hit Form card from '62.

#99 - Brandon Snyder, Orioles
#404 - Mark Trumbo, Angels


#52 - N.L. Batting Leaders

More Floating Heads!!!!! I am most pleased.

#325 - Alexei Ramirez, White Sox

#73 - Gordon Beckham, White Sox

What is that behind him? He looks like he's swinging on the front steps of a library.

#323 - John Jay, Cardinals

#50 - Albert Pujols, Cardinals

Anothe great-looking card. Some of these cards are the best Heritage cards I've seen since Topps started the brand.

#468 - Evan Longoria, Rays, Sporting News A.L. All-Star (SP)

The N.L. All-Stars aren't short-printed, but the A.L. ones are.

#425 - Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox

The last card before the short-prints hit at #426.

#239 - Brandon Beachy, Braves
#182 - Cody Ross, Giants

#359 - Carlos Zambrano, Cubs

#9 - Juan Uribe, Dodgers

My first Dodger Uribe card. I see Topps gave him uniform No. 9, which is also his card number. But Uribe has been wearing No. 5 in spring training. No. 9 was worn by Russ Mitchell last year, and Juan Pierre before that.

#237 - Winners Celebrate.

Look, the Giants are giving their muppet mascot a ride!

#C85 - Jose Bautista, Blue Jays, chrome parallel.

It's shiny, and I guess since it came from Walmart, the background is blue on purpose? I don't know that for sure.

#200 - Derek Jeter, Yankees. (A dupe)
#175 - Adam Dunn, White Sox (A dupe)

(Both of these cards fall within the range of numbers that could be "blue-tint" parallels that are supposed to come out of Walmart loose packs. But I compared the two cards with the rack pack versions and they look identical.

#322 - Bruce Bochy, Giants.


OK, so let's see how I did:

1. Get an idea how Heritage looked.

Check. It looks quite nice. A lot better than last year. Some of the cards are terrific. Some are blah. The capless cards are a complete turn-off.

2. Get at least one Dodger.

Check. I got three. Plus the Dodger Stadium card. Very happy.

3. Avoid the Brian Wilson card.

Check. I think if I don't buy anymore Heritage, I can avoid this the whole year. And DON'T send it to me. I'll be mailing it back.

4. Find a floating head card.

Check. I found two of them. Eight floating heads in all! Ya-hoooo!

People who think the floating heads cards are creepy might need some therapy.

That's about all I have to say. Wish I had something profound to add about the set. But you all know Heritage and how it works. In other words, if you try to complete the set, good luck to you. It's gonna cost you a lot of cash.


  1. Nice pulls, Mr. Owl. I, too, bought some packs of 2011 Heritage tonight and pulled a chrome Billingsley /1962 and a base Garland, Broxton, and Ethier. If you want to wheel and deal for any of the Halladays/Brown/Votto cards you pulled let me know. I know you have an affinity for floating heads so I understand if those are keepers. Also, and observation: Tulo's head looks grossly deformed.

  2. If you don't want Russ, I'd gladly take him off of your hands.

  3. Not a big pack buster... but those rack packs are sure tempting. Might have to make a late night run to Walmart tonight.

  4. I'd like to trade for that shiny Bautista, although I know you want him for your very own. The smaller numbers stop at 109 (Ted Lilly) and 110-500 have the larger number. It does mimic the '62 set, in that series 1 used that smaller number.

  5. If the cap-less photos were limited to the Mets, Astros & traded players, it would be a fun tribute to the era.

    I can't really figure out why Barry Zito's card should be using a cap-less picture, though.

    - Paul

  6. Cheap. Enjoy Rod Barajas and Dioner Navarro.

  7. Things are funner ~

    That trade is done! I'll squeeze you in with the trades I owe next week.

    Greg Z. ~

    If I can rip open your already sealed card package, I'll throw the Martin card in there.

    moremonkeys ~

    The Bautista already has to go to someone else. Sorry.

    Lost Collector ~

    I'm fairly certain Barajas and Navarro can hit .248 with 26 RBIs next year.

  8. Gentlemen's wager? I'll take my chances. Plus he'd be doing it from the 8-9 hole in the order.

  9. I'll make this easy:

    If Martin outperforms the Dodger catchers offensively this season (which shouldn't be hard to do considering he's in the A.L. now), I'll buy you a 2011 blaster of your choosing.

  10. Done deal. And likewise...if your catchers outperform him, I'll buy you a blaster of your choice.

    I also think he'll outperform them despite losing his starting job to Jesus before the season is over.

  11. Haha sounds good, if not don't sweat it.

    And I'm siding with AJ here. Martin, if he remains healthy, should outperform Baravaro (see what I did there?).

    Although you guys should set down what stats you'll judge them by. Because I have no doubts Martin will have a higher OBP and more than likely a higher wOBA and WAR, but Barajas could easily hit more HRs. The Dodger tandem most likely will out-homer Russ.

  12. Why does that Youklis card look like it was really taken back at 1961 era Fenway Park? Look at that sweep clock!

  13. Lincecum looks pretty baked on that leaders card. Even though it's Dodger Stadium I like that News Flashback card.

  14. Topps gave uribe #3 on his retail team set card. So much for consistency.

  15. I know you would never ever wish physical harm upon a player, but Brian Wilson will probably miss the beginning of the regular season with some aches and pains. Just sayin'.

    Of course, Babe looks haggard because he was dying of throat cancer when he gave that farewell. Sounds like an awful way to go.