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I wanna rock

Just one day remains before I receive some well-deserved time off. There are any number of ways to celebrate breaking the chains of societal demands and I'm sure I'll imbibe in all of them -- food, booze, babes (well, one babe) -- in the week to come. But as for right now, it's quite simple: I wanna rock . Recently, I received a sizable chunk of the 1991 Pro Set SuperStars MusiCards series from The Writer's Journey . I've made no secret of my love for music trading cards -- I wish there were more of them, there should be more of them (and if there were more of them this would be a baseball blog no more) -- and lately have been focusing more on finding them. One of the easiest sets to find is the 1991 Pro Set ... uh, set (stupid Pro Set and its stupid name).  And it is my goal to complete it fairly quickly. I will be posting a want list just as soon I can figure out what I received from J.T. here. I bought a number of MusiCards ... uh, cards (sheesh) i

The Dodgers anniversary card giveaway continues

I find it a little amusing that I am one of the few people blogging about the Dodgers' 60th anniversary baseball card giveaway, given that I am nowhere near the site where they're giving away the cards. Dodgers Blue Heaven has provided the usual complete rundown on the cards, and I've seen them on gcrl's cards as I see them blog. And, of course, they've appeared on the blog Stadium Fantasium , written by my source for these cards, Andy. He provided me with the first two series in the giveaway , which celebrated Dodgers teams of the 1960s and 1970s, with the 1965 and 1977 Topps designs, respectively. Recently, he sent the next two giveaway packs to me, which focus on the 1980s and 1990s. Let's see those. The 1980s really is the end of a golden age in Dodgers history, which began in the 1940s and ended when the 1990s started. During that period, they reached the postseason 18 times and won the World Series five times. It hasn't been the same si

Almost done

I've mentioned a few times -- to the degree that readers probably want me to shut up about it already -- that I am very busy this month. I just finished a week in which I had no days off. On a scheduled day off, I worked nine hours. As June reaches its final week, it is apparent that I will have posted on this blog fewer times this month than I have in any other month since I started blogging almost a decade ago. That's just the way June is these days. What was once a light, carefree month full of SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER is now packed with every kind of busy bee activity, many of which don't fit my job description. However ... It all ends this week. Sure, I will have zero time to blog tomorrow and Wednesday, but after that, I can tell this month to kiss my booty. I am so looking forward to it. I am Almost Done. To celebrate the almost end of the month that is rapidly challenging March for the least relaxing on the entire calendar, I decided to address the A