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2016: The best, the worst, the ... yes, I'm really making you relive this whole damn year

Greetings from the final moments of 2016. If I were one of the hundreds of people I read almost every day on the internet, I would now commence telling you what a horrible, no-good, rotten, beastly, very bad year 2016 was. But I won't do that. First of all, I'm sick of the whining over what for most people has no impact on their daily lives. Secondly, I can't lie. My year was fine. When I look back on 2016, most of what I see are productive, good things. I got a lot done in 2016. Sure, there was some bad stuff (*cough, cough* -- work -- *cough, cough*), but, overall, it was your garden-variety year. But before you brand me a monster, please know that I'm sad about many of the stars of my formative years who have died in the last year, it was a tough one. However, I'm sad about all those who died in previous years, too. Somewhere on this blog is an ode to Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, who died on the same day in June 2009. I don't remember the inte