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2017: The best, the worst, the ... let's get this over with before I run out of words

Tonight's post, on the last day of 2017, is the 298th of the year for Night Owl Cards. This is the first time since I wrote a full year of NOC back in 2009 that I have not surpassed 300 posts in a year. Three hundred is a huge number for some bloggers and not a big deal if it's not achieved. But this is a blog that once went over 500 posts a year. 500! I can't conceive of anyone crazy enough to write 500 posts a year. But, yet, somehow I did. Crazy me. I don't know exactly why I've cut back on the number of posts each year. The fact that I write two other set blogs is one reason. I don't know if my life is any busier than it was nine years ago, it feels like it might be, but I think the underlying reason for why I've cut back is ... I'm getting old. When you get old, you just don't want to deal with whatever you once plowed through in the past. My energy to write is less than it once was (this post will be an exception), and if I can't b