Wednesday, June 15, 2016

For this collector who has everything

Father's Day is coming up and I am not one of those dads who you throw a tie or wooden duck at and hope he goes away.

I know what I want and there is no shortage of options for you to choose from either. I expect it to be that way when I'm long into retirement, too. I will always want something. Just ask. There's nothing more infuriating than when you ask someone what they might want for an upcoming birthday or holiday and they say, "oh, I don't need anything."

I didn't ask you what you NEED. I asked you what you WANT. Everybody wants something. Now tell me. Don't be dopey.

So, yeah, I want stuff and I'm happy to broadcast it during gift-giving season.

But apparently I am still difficult to buy for.

Even though my want list is vast and I am 100 percent certain that there are hundreds upon thousands of cards that I want that aren't even listed there, people say I'm tricky when it comes to finding cards for me.

In fact, that was mentioned by Stealing Home at All Trade Bait, All The Time recently. He sent along an envelope with a note that said a PWE would have to do this time because "it's hard to find cards to send a guy who has every card ever!"

Oof. So I'm that guy, huh?

Well, let's try to confirm that with the cards that he sent.

There are just four, so this won't take long.

Very nice. One of the Perspective cards. I'm certain that Topps made half of these night cards (I'd call this a "post-dusk" card) so I'd have something happy to say about 2016 Topps. By the way, Series 2 was apparently released today. Run out and get your smokey, filtered cards now!

I can tell by this photo that Byron Buxton is waiting for Kennys Vargas to bat (I don't know the team the Twins are playing. Maybe the White Sox?). I can also tell by the photo that Topps has no problem with Budweiser or Jason Aldean.

I need this card. So we're 1-for-1.

Also very nice. One of the Heritage Stand-Ups that I am collecting. These are so cool that it doesn't even bother me that there are a lot of guys in the set who I don't like. There's plenty of room for forgiveness when you're a floating head on a black background.

This is my fourth Stand-Up card (I need to get some more Heritage). So, yup, I wanted this card greatly.


Oooh, mid-1990s L.A. Police cards. A definite weak spot of mine.

Since the Police cards aren't very helpful with things like copyright dates, I had to do a little research. This card is from the 1993 set, of which I own none.

So, yay! 3-for-3!

Wow. That's a second-year Piazza Police card.

I'm sure this was the star of the set back in 1994, when this was issued. I just zipped onto ebay and four people are watching this card on one sale, 22 years after it came out (I've pretty much given up on searching for Mike Piazza cards in the year of his Hall induction).

Needless to say, this was a wanted card, too.


That's a perfect PWE!

Meaning I'm not that difficult to buy for and I don't have every card ever!


Because I like gifts.



Father's Day is Sunday.

No ducks.


  1. In our relationship, it's the fiancée that collects ducks. So, when that time comes, on Mothers Day is when we'll be throwing ducks and running. Solid bunch of cards there - police cards are always an adventure!

  2. Time to teach your offspring how to buy a prepaid VISA gift card, then give 'em a short tour of the functionality on

    Just in case they would need to know that, someday.

  3. wow, those 2 police sets look the same

  4. With the Pirates being an hour away and the Black Bears about 3 minutes away that makes for easy gift giving. My wife has no idea about cards so I don't even begin to ask for those.

  5. Every year I ask for cards: Father's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas all of them. It has been that way for at least 10 years. I have got cards 3 times in those 10 years. Once I got a Topps blaster, once an eBay gift card, and once a COMC gift card.

    Unless you count the birthday present I buy myself every year. For that one I have received cards every year.

  6. No kids here... so I won't be receiving any Father's Day baseball cards. However... I understand what you mean. Every time one of my students gives me a porcelain dolphin as a Christmas or end of the year present, I smile and think to myself... why couldn't this be a pack of trading cards.