Tuesday, December 3, 2013

These cards apparently took a bullet for my collection

Tony Taylor here is a survivor, as are all the other cards that arrived in a package from mr. haverkamp yesterday. They withstood the shocking damage inflicted by the U.S. Postal Service.

 I am now a veteran of damaged packages arriving in my mailbox, most enclosed in the USPS's courtesy body bag of regret. Fortunately, it is still such a rare occasion that I feel the need to document it each time. And I have.

But this was on another level. The following is what greeted me on Monday when I went to get the mail. It was sandwiched between two other unharmed card packages:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you care. I've read it all before.

Also, I can't read it because I'm rather distracted by what appears to be a BULLET HOLE.

Let's have a closer look, shall we?

Oh, this is not good.

Here is the front of the package:

That is disturbing.

The other damaged packages that I have received in the past arrived in plain, white envelopes. This is the first time a bubble envelope has arrived half destroyed.

I opened what was left of the package, expecting to find cards with shrapnel wounds.

Here is what came out of the envelope:

Yes, I do rule, but I'm not liking the look of that singed and somewhat-melted corner.

Let's brace ourselves and open up the case.

Hmmm. Bud Harrelson, both in child and adult form, survived, just like the '72 Taylor did.

What else we got?





They were saved, Jim! The minis survived!

Oh, I would be PISSED if these were the cards that were damaged.

That might have ruined my whole Christmas.

Fortunately, this is a happy story.

I've kind of lucked out in that the damaged packages I've received have not yielded damaged cards. I hope I never have to come across that kind of tragedy. Especially if 1975 minis are involved.

As for what actually happened to the package -- I don't know. I hope it's not that the postman is finally losing it delivering all these card packages to my mailbox.

I'd ask him, but he could be packing heat.


  1. For all you know that package saved a man's life. Looks to me like a postman was walking down the street when they encountered gunfire, and used that bubble mailer to protect themselves. How they had the where-with-all to head back and print up that apology note before continuing the delivery... we'll never know. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, bullets or grenades, they deliver the ****ing mail.

  2. Instead of "We Care", shouldn't the bag say "We F&^$#ed up"?

  3. That is just ridiculous.....looks like they travelled coast to coast underneath the bus containing the equipment used by Def Leppard during the Pyromania tour! Glad I put them into a case made of bullet-proof/fire-proof quality plastic.....

  4. Most likely done by a disgruntled employee...practicing? Spooky.

  5. I think that package was *this* close to be served as turkey on Thanksgiving.
    Glad it was all good inside ;)

  6. Might be interesting to take the tracking number if you can read the first few digits still and run it through to see if and where it had a holdup. That's probably where the damage occurred. I hope that old Bowman card made it through and the holder took all the damage.

  7. Checked the tracking # today, it went from N California to upstate NY in 2 days...mailed it on Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday right before T-giving. The only 'holdup' looks to be the bullet hole!