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Define the design: it's that time of year

I haven't written a "Define the Design" post in a year and a half, which is a little unusual because each year I like to see if I can come up with a name for the new Topps flagship set. So let's take care of that now. If you haven't heard already, the 2018 Topps set is the "waterslide set." This was a no-brainer, the first thing I saw when the design was released. The team logo is shooting down the waterslide. Weee! Yay! The White Sox are celebrating! Let's send the Sox logo down the waterslide! The shiny, glowing effect around the logo and on the top part of the slide seems to indicate motion as the logo swooshes down the slide. I can't see anything else. Not even those particles breaking off to the side that looks like when Mike TeeVee got zapped into a million pieces overhead in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I'm glad to get a name out of the way quickly for this design. Because I didn't do so for last y

Who needs a card show?

*Gasp* "Did you hear what night owl just said?" "'Who needs a card show?'" "Card collector blasphemy!" All right, settle down everyone. I admit I'm just a wee bit frustrated with the number of card shows I've read about in the still relatively young year of 2018. I believe somebody was going to a card show on New Year's Day! My first card show of the year -- if I make it that far -- will be in April. There is one in March, too, but whoever set the date is obviously not following high school or collegiate sports because that is one busy weekend for people who are shooting hoops or pucks. I'll be occupied. But it doesn't matter because just a week or so ago, the mailman placed something quite heavy on my porch (no doubt cursing as he did so). It was the package from Johnny's Trading Spot . Inside that package was three long boxes stuffed with cards. "Call it the best damn dime box," Johnny said. OK, I