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Yes, American Idol cards ... don't hate

This might destroy any card blogging cred I've built up over the last eight months. In fact, if I were to get booted off the Heavenly Seven for this, I wouldn't be surprised.

There is a lot to dislike about "American Idol." I could come up with a rather long list of issues I have with the show. But having said that, it still draws my interest more than just about anything on TV that doesn't involve sports.

I love music. All kinds of music. And I love to watch talented people sing. And, yes, there are talented singers on American Idol, even though they may not fit everyone's taste or cover every musical genre (there is no "Sex Pistols Week"). There are certainly a number of singers that I can't stand -- I have zero interest in next week's season finale because the few singers that I enjoyed have been booted off. But from January to May, it produces enough interesting weeks to keep me hooked.

Besides, females hold the majority in my home, so that means Tuesdays and Wednesdays are American Idol night. If there is a ballgame I really want to watch, I head for the TV upstairs. But more often then not, I watch Idol because I want to see what kind of songs they're going to sing and how they're going to sing them. I want to see who the smart ones are.

So that's the background for the two packs of Upper Deck American Idol 2009 cards that I bought. These really should be featured on the A Pack To Be Named Later blog. But I haven't gotten around to asking to be a contributor.

And if you think this is bad, APTBNL just busted a pack of Ricky Martin cards. Ah, I feel better already. Besides, it's Friday night. Nobody is reading this anyway, right?

Here we go. Feast or avert your eyes. Your call:


#18 - Clay Aiken. Ugh. Couldn't have picked a worse way to start things off. I didn't begin watching this show until Season 3. I'm quite certain if I began watching the previous season, I wouldn't even be watching the show anymore, because this guy would have scarred me for life.

#8 - David Archuleta. Not getting any better. The teenage girl vote pretty much dominates the show. Which makes things fairly frustrating for me. That's why I try to stay detached when it comes to the voting process.

#35 - Season 8 Auditions. One card per pack apparently has a "Win a trip to the American Idol Finale" contest on the back. The first quarter of the American Idol season, in which they show the auditions, wears on me. Like I've said before, I don't like stupid. Some auditions are amusing. The vast majority are people who got lost on the way to auditioning for the Jerry Springer Show.

#23 - Idol Gives Back. Meh. I'm all for good causes. But telethons are snoozefests. That sounds mean, but just find a different way to do it.

#13 - Carrie Underwood. What a cutie pie. I like her. How can you not vote for a country girl from Checotah?

See? Isn't she sweet? I'm glad she won. I'm glad she's a superstar. I don't listen to country music at all, but she's quite talented.


#5 - Randy and Paula. The dawg and the ditz. Is Paula leaving after this season? Because if she's still teetering on the edge, charter me a plane to Hollywood. I'll give her the final push off the show. It's just brutal watching her fumble through every week.
#4 - Kara DioGuardi. Hopefully, Paula's permanent replacement. I like her. She's smart, and she is passionate about music. She doesn't write the kind of music I like, but she knows music.

#49 - It's "gosh, gee-whiz, golly-gee" Davey again. Multiple cards of this guy? I guess I'm not the target audience for these cards.

#22 - Jennifer Hudson. Not this fan's favorite. I didn't like her in Season 3. I haven't been interested in anything she's done since. I know she's won awards. I don't care.

#3 - Randy Jackson. Dude! The judge with about a 50-word vocabulary. Singers either must "bring it," be "in it to win it," or "sing their face off." He and Paula both have the ability to talk for two minutes and say absolutely nothing.

So, there you go. These cards will be going to my daughter.

Do you still love me? I'll return to baseball with the next post.


Ben said…
I can honestly say I have never seen a single episode of American Idol. Or any other reality show. Does that make me strange?
Anonymous said…
Uh, I hate to admit it but I read the whole thing...

I live in the Milwaukee area and people are seriously upset that local boy Danny Gokey got voted off.

I just don't get it...maybe its me.
There is sombody reading on Friday night! I have no interest in the show or the cards but my wife and oldest son really bond together over it.Josh also collects the cards. I,personally, won't hold it against you!
Captain Canuck said…
this is why you're in last place in the Waxaholic Playoof Hockey contest.

think about that...
Motherscratcher said…
I watch it. It can be entertaining. I know that makes me part of the problem but that's OK. Besides, it's the only thing that my wife requests to watch. I get to pick EVERYTHING else.

A few points:

1. You want Paula to leave? Are you crazy. She's a completely incoherent moron. I love her.

2. Kara's card looks like something that you would find laying on the sidewalk on the Vegas strip with a phone number on it.

3. I want to punch Danny Gokey in the face. I don't know why.

4. Adam needs to sing some hair metal like Skid Row or Whitesnake.

5. Randy...fffffff...I don't know, man. He's just OK...for me...but he can really judge. He was just OK this time...for me.
night owl said…
Ben: I'm not a reality TV fan. This is about all I watch. And like the post, implies, I'm uncomfortable watching it half the time.

Ed: I just like it because I love music. In another life I would've been a musician.

Baseball Dad: Thanks. I just wish someone would come out and sing Radiohead or Van Halen or something.

Captain: Wow. I guess I need to start watching some more hockey. The only problem: I HATE EVERY TEAM LEFT.

Motherscratcher: Too funny. Paula's entertaining in a trainwreck kind of way. Blithering just gets annoying after awhile. Gokey always struck me as someone that if he got famous, he would someday take a tire iron to some paparazzi's car.
Anonymous said…
I've just seen more of this awful show than ever before... please never post on American Idol again unless it is that the show has been cancelled. Ugh! It is the ruin of modern music. It is helping to turn our generation's music into little more than bubble gum ads.
Ross said…
WTF is goin on over here?
FN American Idol?
SONOFA*@&#% Night Owl, I come over here to read about SPORTS cards not some *&#%$@'d up *&#% about some #*&#^@!ing ignorant @ss reality show. Oh wait a minute I see WTF is going on here. Now that your on the "heavenly seven" your all Hollywood and $&^@ now huh? Ohh look at big shot Night Owl covering the Bright Stars of Hollywood.........

Ahhh I'm just jerkin your #*$&^'n chain Night Owl. Though I think I will remove you from the blogroll now.
night owl said…
Ah, pretty much the reaction I expected.

But at least there are no Ricky Martin cards on here.
Ross said…
Ok maybe Ill keep you on the blogroll since Ricky didnt show up ;)
Laurens said…
I'm looking for the William Hung rookie card. Too bad you didn't pull one.

I'm interested in the C. Underwood card - seriously.
--David said…
When I saw this, my first thought was APTBNL. My second thought was, "Please do not pull Danny Noriega." My next thought was, "Dawg, I watch too much Idol." And as I read through the post, there was Carrie. I don't care if you like Idol or hate it, the fact is every once in a while they come up with a beatiful, super-talented star. Unfortunately, for the most part, they find morons.

If Kara stays, Simon is leaving. He's made no secret of that, and he may leave anyway.

Not that we care or anything... really...
dayf said…
I have managed to avoid this show quite successfully, thank God. The only part of the concept that appeals to me at all is the trainwreck auditions and I have a tape of a Gong Show marathon to get that out of my system whenever I get tempted.
jacobmrley said…
yikes. only your 1990 topps/roy lichtenstein reference saves you.
Anonymous said…
I have two complete sets of the Ricky Martin cards which are back from the LLVL hysteria, but American Idol? That's funny, bet hey they might be worth something. But Ricky's cards were really nice with gold foil and silver and special editions. I love my cards :) NIce blog :)
Anonymous said…
Oh I forgot to mention there are also Menudo cards :)
Dinged Corners said…
Wow, everyone hates Idol and yet this post generated 16 comments. Funny. It's one of the few family shows left on American TV. Except the kids have to look away because right in the middle of this family show, they'll show horrrrrrible commercials.

I don't get why everyone picks on Paula. She has made some of the more astute comments time and again this year...if everyone could stop mocking her long enough to listen. Lucy has loved Paula since her ballet tape featuring the Muppets. Kara? Oy. What Motherscratcher said.

Our whole family wanted to punch Danny Gokey in the face, and we aren't usually face punchers.

You don't care anymore this season? You don't like Adam? ARE YOU INSANE?

night owl said…

I noticed the same thing on the number of post comments. I also notice that on Tuesdays/Wednesdays during the American Idol airing period, the card blogging trickles down to next to nothing. It's not a coincidence. I've noted it for awhile now. ... A.I.'s a family show. So if you don't have a family/kids, I can see why you might have an issue with it.

I blog about whatever I want to blog about. Nobody's going to change that.

Re: the commercials. Yes. I agree 100 percent. My daughter hides under a blanket during them.

Re: Paula. She has an inability to express herself that makes me squirm. It makes me uncomfortable. Kara, I just think she knows her stuff, for the most part (It's so difficult to be a judge).

Re: Adam. No. The whole family hates him. He'd make a good front man for a band. But as a solo singer? Ick. My daughter hides under the blanket when he's on, too.

Now, if Adam would sing Ronnie James Dio, I might change my mind.
Dinged Corners said…
Eventually, N.O., I suppose it was inevitable that we would disagree about something. ]]sob[[

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